Saturday, May 31, 2014

Key Wall

Well, summer has certainly arrived in the desert SW
AZ has been hovering between 105-109 this week
So, I thought I'd do a little project inside

Over the past several weeks I have collected a few pieces
To go with some family pieces I've had for 20-30 years.

I decided to create a key wall in my entry way

I found this chicken wire basket at Sweet Salvage in April
It seemed perfect to go with the chicken wired frame I found 

I purchased this vintage door plate on etsy from Latvia
And the blue/green bird drawer pull at a yard sale
I love the bird, he is just so sweet

I've had several sets of vintage door knobs
From homes we lived in that I finally decided to decorate with
I put them in the basket 
Along with a few old keys

Had to add one of my favorite rocks :)

Found this cool key at a yard sale for $1

And this really neat vintage school house key
It was a bit pricey (sweet salvage) 
But definitely worth it
It's about 7 inches long, fairly heavy and oh so vintage

The above frame was found at a thrift store 
For just a couple $$
I painted it and added 2 vintage skeleton keys from my husband's aunts home
Then added another door plate I got from etsy (Thanks Susan)

Another little set of reproduction keys 
Hanging from an old finial

Everything put together makes a fun
Entry way wall vignette

An area that I really like and feel very comfortable with

Glad it has been so hot outside

It forced me to 'pull it all together'

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend
Wherever you are
Find something and
Consider It All JOY!!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

19 Peeps a Playin'

After nearly 2 full days of yard work
It was such a joy to spend some fun time
With 19 of my favorite peeps

Preparation was much more simple
Than working in the yard


Meatballs and little wieners

Potato Salad, grapes and chips

Cousins in the Kottage

Even boys enjoyed the fun

I made everybody sign a photo waiver ~ lol
And then I took pictures of each family 
After spending the day in the sun and pool
My niece with
The "C" Family

My brother with
The "T" family

My sister with
The "L" family

My oldest son with
The "C" family
Featuring My 3 K's

My youngest son with
The Boys

Had an absolute blast
Was so tired from the busy weekend
That I actually went to bed at 10PM (way early for me)

Hope you all enjoyed your Holiday Weekend
May we continue to give thanks to all Veterans
Past, Present and Future
God Bless 

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Tools

Here are just a few of the tools
That I used over the past 2 days

For some reason
I think I Like RED :)

My front and back yards are clean and tidy
Mowed, trimmed, blown, sucked, hosed
Rocks have been moved
Trees have been trimmed
Pool have been brushed, scooped and cleaned

I sure hope I don't get ANOTHER
Letter from the HOA :(

And now...

Or, at least tomorrow
I am going to enjoy the above waters

With some of my Favorite Peeps

In my own little piece of Paradise

Happy Memorial Day to All
Remember those who have sacrificed the most
Who have given their lives
Who are (even today) serving our country
Both near and far
For our freedom
Never forget!!! 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Just a Few Things That Made me Smile This Week

Last week was extremely emotional for me
So this week
I decided to find some things that
Made Me Smile

Thank you to Kris at Junk Chic Cottage
For sending this cute air freshener
It makes me smile every day

I can not believe that my K~Bug has completed 4th grade
And will be in the 'Big' class on campus next year
I love her SO much

Cousins hanging out together
Always makes me Smile

My Great Niece 'G' 
Was is a super cute play on Wednesday evening at her church
The Agape League

And because she always makes me smile
My Niece (who was the drama director of the above mentioned play)
Decided to 'try out' her daughter's costume!

Love things that make me Smile
Especially after an Extremely Emotional Week
How about you?

Friday, May 16, 2014

It's Difficult to be Honest on the really Tough Days

Getting married in a State Historic Park/Ghost Town
Was one of the most fun and special events of my life
Besides the fact that it snowed a couple of inches that morning
And as the clouds cleared it became almost unbearably cold
While many made it to our 'destination' wedding
Some got stuck on a dirt road 
(because they thought taking the 'short' cut would be faster)

Having my dress get stuck on rusty nails
As I walked down the isle was hilarious
(Although I might Not have thought so at the time)
And the guys totally enjoyed freezing feet
Due to wearing what they called 'plastic' shoes

Yes, we walked on wet dirt roads to our photo shoot
Because we needed to have photos taken in front of
His family's vintage home
I guess this is where my love of 'vintage' really took root

Accepting the Cain Family Name was an honor
And it still is today
A family that made it's name during the California Gold Rush
And is forever a part of history

Marrying a man who was my very best friend
Uniting on one very special day
In a church and a town with a deep rooted history
Making a commitment to a lifetime of love

33 years ago today
(May 16, 1981)
I married this small town country guy who loved and honored a silly city girl
Who never owned a pair of jeans until we got hitched
He respected my wisdom and accepted my crazy ideas
He prayed me through infertility
And believed in our choices to adopt our special boys
He Loved the Lord and imparted grace during tough times

It's difficult to be Honest on the really Tough Days
My pride wants to be strong and stand firm
On the truth that I really am doing well 
Yet on days like today
I am weak, sad and feeling fragile

I miss my Guy SO much it hurts
Yes, even after 3 years
So today, or this week, if you see me
Or talk to me, or text me
Or think of me
Send an extra prayer toward heaven or just
Give me a Hug
Because once in awhile
I still have a tough day

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

6 Years / 600 Posts / GiveAway

What happens to the time?
Six years ago when I first began this blog
There is no way I ever dreamed I would write 600 posts
And...that people would read them

I began this blog to journal a difficult season in my life
Which led to book reviews 
As well as on-line Bible studies
Where I met some of the most wonderful women 
From all around the world

So much has changed in these 6 years
Since my very first feeble effort at blogging
But I wouldn't change it for the world
Because I am a different person
Filled with hope, joy and peace

Here are a few things that have changed in 6 years

Wednesday Word was one of the favorite regular things I posted for a period of time
I continue to enjoy these posts
Yet they don't surface as often as I'd like

My oldest K has certainly grown up since the days 
When she had no front teeth

Speaking of teeth
At the age of 52 I got braces for the first time

In these 6 years
We've added a couple more beauties to the family

I wore my very first ball cap when I went to a NASCAR race with my hubby

I sure have learned DIY in a new way

I've replaced a kitchen faucet, a garbage disposal,
Replaced all the plumbing on/in a toilet
Replaced a light switch and didn't even electrocute myself
I've painted, sanded, stained and built 'stuff'
Replaced the water overflow tank in my car
And a variety of other 'things' that needed taking care of

I've celebrated too many birthdays
And LOVE everyone of them (Don't Forget)
I have recently walked through a cancer scare
So glad that turned out for the good

I have LOVED spending time with My 3 K's

I've enjoyed playing more with my Canon
I sure do need some classes though

Spent time putting together this fun playhouse/kottage
For My 3 K's and their cousins

Have totally enjoyed my boys and girls
As often as I can spend time with them

And I've lost my best friend and learned how to 
Embrace Widowhood (sort-of)

Blogging has been a part of it all
But YOU are the true HERO's of blogland
YOU have walked me through the good, the bad, the ugly moments
YOU bring my heart joy Every time you leave a comment
Words of encouragement or just stop by to say HI
YOU are my reason to celebrate 
6 Years of Blogging and 600 Posts
YOU deserve a GiveAway
Sweet Salvage starts tomorrow
I probably won't make it then but plan on 
Heading that way sometime during the next few days
I am planning to purchase a couple of special items
To give away right here on the Blog

How can you have a chance to win?
Just leave a comment and you are entered into the drawing 
I will give you plenty of time to enter
I will draw a name the last day of MAY

Thank you for loving me through it all
Thank you for your friendship
Thank you for inspiring me to reach for my dreams

Considering LIFE and Blogging with Great JOY