Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Hi Sweet Friends

It's been a busy week 
So having today off work was a good thing

Being Fall Break at school is a good thing as well
Since that gave me a full day to have 
My 3 K's

Since fall is attempting to make it's way to Phoenix
We were able to play outside for an hour or so this morning
That is before it became to hot

Then we came inside
And did crafts, colored, and baked cookies

My K~Baby is not a baby anymore

K~Bel has grown up so much since starting school in August

My K~Bug is in middle school
And really turning into a wonderful young lady

Since it is 'fall' I decided we would make
Candy Corn Cookies
Yellow dough

And Orange dough
Although you cannot see that in this photo

I do believe these sweeties ate more cookies than they took home
They melt my heart
And I am so very thankful for the JOY they add to my life

And then we 'seriously' took a nap
3 of us in my big black chair for 2 hours
I think my arms are still numb

It was a precious day filled with memory making moments
Which is Exactly what I needed

May your upcoming weekend be Blessed
And filled with JOY

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Black Monster

 Hi Sweet Friends

Because October is the Scary month
You know, Halloween, Monsters and such
I thought I'd introduce you to 
What I call
The Big Black Monster
Here She Is ...

Now she may not look that big to you
But she's 8 1/2 feet by 8 feet
My living room is only 12 by 17
With low 10 foot ceilings
She takes up almost the entire wall

About 10 years ago I found her at a consignment shop
Fell in love with her but couldn't afford her
Every week I'd check to see if she was on sale
After a couple of months
She went on sale and I drug my hubby to see her
I did a bit of sweet talking
And got a bit more of a discount
And she came home with us

I'd LOVE to paint her white
However, I think it would be lots of work
So - for now -
She's the Big Black Monster
And I still love her

Today was cleaning day around here
But I did get a little fall decor going

I added just a few neutral fall touches
Atop the Monster
And I am pleased

I found the brown/white transferware pitcher at Goodwill
Just a few dollars
It adds some much needed charm

This is the top of the Monster
Maybe I should call it The Mantel

I added a few pieces atop the hutch
Love the spool pumpkin that I purchased from Celeste

And my favorite #3
That I purchased from Sweet Salvage last year

Now, If you ever have wondered
Because, I'm sure it keeps you up at night
This is where I blog, and crochet
And watch TV almost every night

In the Big Black Chair
In front of the Big Black Monster
With my little broken laptop
Cell phone, remotes, bottle of water
And my feet up

Just in case you were wondering - LOL :)

Have yourself A Happy Weekend
Go out and Find JOY in the Simple Things

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Searching For Fall

Hi Sweet Friends,

First I would like to thank each of you
For your comments, prayers, texts
Private messages, emails and phone calls
On my last post
I have no understanding of how this will turn out
But I do thank my God for Prayers and Encouraging words
 I'll keep you updated if anything major happens

For Now
I'm just searching for Fall
I worked in my garage and yard some today
But it was 106 degrees and far too hot
To accomplish much at all
It's supposed to be 102-108 all week long

Yet, I still wanted to attempt to get a bit of fall started

I've had these little straw dolls for a few years
I think I can definitely get another year out of them
They are so cute and make me smile

Last week I planted some new Vinca's
I'm hoping that as fall takes hold, 
The flowers will really begin to bloom out
I think they will look great 
With the bits of fall I have places by the front door

I decided to keep the front door simple
I love this cross and it just adds a tiny bit of color to my door

So, these are the bits of fall I added to my front walkway
It's not much but when it's 106 outside
It difficult to really get into 'fall' decor

A couple of years ago 
I came home and found this funny 
 Little ducky sitting in my empty planter
I later found out that my sister brought it over
It always makes me smile
And smiles are what I'm looking for
While searching for fall in the desert southwest

Find JOY in the simple things this week
I know I Will be Seeking JOY

Friday, September 25, 2015

Written With Permission

Hello Sweet Friends,

"Consider it all joy, my friends, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:2-4

That is the scripture I based my blog on when I started it in 2008, 745 posts ago.  Since that time I have striven to find joy in the everyday things of life. I don't always succeed but I do attempt.

However, this week I have struggled to find one moment of joy.
I have been faced with one of the greatest challenges of my life.
Second only to my husband's passing on Christmas Eve 2010.

In 1985 I began praying for an unborn child, 
One that was sure to have a challenging life.
There was no way to know, at that time, that Mark and I would end up raising that little child as our own through foster care and later adoption.  I've shared previously that he had a fragile prognosis at the time but has thrived in the nearly 30 years we have loved him.

He is kind, compassionate and funny,
Strong-willed, independent and loving.
He has brought joy to my life and I love him dearly
And I Always will

However, 96 hours ago he announced to me
That he wants to be a girl and go through transgender treatment

I am still in Shock

I do not know how to do this
I love him and will always love him

But honestly friends
This is not something I am prepared to accept or support
It goes against everything I believe
It is breaking my momma heart
And I have been Honest with him about this

Why do I share such a private and personal trial?

1. In hopes that you will pray for us.

2. In hopes that there is someone out there who has walked this path and will reach out to this momma.

3. Because someday, when we've walked a bit further down this path, there may be one person who is just hearing those words, whose heart will be broken, who wants to do it right, and who is scared, numb, angry, sad, broken and just needs support.

I am not a victim!!
I am a woman, a momma, a widow who will 
Attempt to walk this new path
With grace, dignity, love and somehow find JOY in the midst

I won't always do it right
I will make mistakes
But, with God's grace and guidance
I will do my absolute best
As a Christian and as a Momma
To walk this path and bring Glory to God

If you need me, you can find me here:


Thank you for allowing me to share
Thank you, in advance, for your prayers

Back to regular postings next week

Looking for JOY

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Because He Is Not Here

There are days that I would give almost anything
To be able to lean on his shoulder

Since I cannot do that
I would Greatly appreciate your prayers
For strength and God's Grace
As I face a trial in my life
That seems More than I am able to bear

Peace and Blessings To You