Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Olympics are Over

Hi Sweet Friends

Wow, it has been a while since I blogged
I attribute that to a few things
1. The heat of summer has gotten to me
2. I'm still struggling with anemia
3. The Olympics has been going and I have been addicted to watching every moment of inspiration that I can. What a joy to root for each and every person who worked so hard to achieve their dream. True commitment and Work Ethic - LOVE

Since I am back on the ol blog
I thought I'd share a fun and crazy fast 60 hour trip

One of my besties and I got in my car and drove West
All because I wanted to do this:

Put my feet in the Sand

Meet my blog friend Carol from ArtAndSand
And see her cute 'she shed'
Meet her hubby and of course Lulu


Sit by the fire and enjoy a delicious meal

Take photos of the ocean crashing against the jetty

See some really cool things along the shore

As well as a few 'oddities'
I should have brought this rock home - too funny

Enjoy a beautiful sunset

Be Rebellious
Do something the sign says NOT to do
Because I could

Put my feet IN the water

And eat things that should be illegal to eat

60 Hours
Great Friends
The Beach

I do hope to get around to visit blogs in the next few days

Blessings to all!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

When It Rains and Random Things

Hello Sweet Friends

It has been a crazy few days
We Finally got some much needed rain
My yard is SO happy

My pool is a mess because
With the rain came a huge wind/dust storm
But I'm thankful for the rain
So, I'll just clean the pool

I picked up a couple of goodies at Goodwill on Tuesday
(Senior Day)
For $2

I love picking up little goodie bags
That the girls can use for crafting days

And I just couldn't pass up these s/p shakers
50 cents during the Christmas in July sale
Love them - or will past them along
Just too cute!

I had My 3 K's on Thursday
Can't believe it's the last Thursday of summer break
They head back to school tomorrow

Then it will just be K~Baby and I
I let the girls make cookies this past Thursday
I just stood back and took photos
I read the directions and let them do the rest

They very sweetly took turns adding ingredients
And mixing the dough

They have all grown up so much
I'm forever thankful for all of the Thursdays
God has given me over the past 12+ years

Working together

For a happy and sweet result
And yes, I let them eat several

Here they are in their ready for school T-Shirts
I miss them already
But, they do just live down the road

And then there was this
Matthew has been experiencing pain in his abdomen since Wednesday
Lower right quadrant but I knew it wasn't appendix
Because that ruptured 15 years ago

Finally decided to take him to ER on Saturday AM
And again on Sunday AM
With a final diagnosis of Epiploic Appendagitis

Basically, the fatty tissue left behind after his appendicitis
Has twisted and is causing severe pain
The doctor and surgeon both say it will eventually die
And absorb into the body
In the mean time
Mega doses of antibiotics and some pain medication
We are hoping he will be as good as new in a couple of days

They say surgery is elective and not necessary
I'm hoping they are right

Thank you for your continual prayers

By the Way
My BIL is doing fantastic after his triple stent surgery
And heading back to work tomorrow
God is More Than Good

I pray you see Him at work in your life
Praying for a Beautiful Week Ahead

Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's Almost Over ... Too Quickly

Hi Sweet Friends

First I'd like to thank each of you
Who visited my home office/creative space
Through Blogland
It was so much fun getting everything ready
And having a clean craft room
I appreciate your visits and kind comments

What has happened to summer
Although it is still hotter than H...
Here in the desert southwest
I cannot believe that school starts for some
of our kiddos on Monday
And most of the rest of them on August 1st
It seems like they just got out for the summer
I want time to slow down

Speaking of time slowing down
My 3 K's are getting so big
And their personalities are surely visible in this photo
I'm having trouble believing that
My little K~Bug just turned 12
Next year she'll be a teenager
How can I be that old???

Her family had a sweet party for her last weekend
Her Golden 12 on the 12th
She was so appreciative and happy
To have so many come celebrate her

Her cousins and a few of her girlfriends came to
Help Celebrate as well
I feel like we were just having her baby shower
Not too long ago

I forgot to take photos when the cousins were
Together swimming at my house on Thursday
So I made them pose for photos afterward
You can tell they just LOVE when nana/aunt Cindy
Gets the camera out - LOL

I kind of forced my niece to take a selfie with me
Not sure why
My hair is WAY too long
No make up on  - After swimming for 2 hours
And I've gained so much weight back
However, life is life
We are cute and have too much fun being silly
So who cares about the rest

Well, It's still hot in Phoenix ~ 113 today
But as I mentioned on Instagram the other day
When it was 115
Each day that passes brings us one day closer to fall
Which starts about mid November here - *wink*

Have a Happy Day
Blessings from Arizona

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where I Create

Hi Sweet Friends

Today I am sharing with
For her 8th annual
Where Bloggers Create Tour

Where Bloggers Create

As you can see from the first photo
My office has a theme
If I cannot live at the beach
I'm just going to bring the beach to the Desert Southwest

The closet door in my home office/craft room
Has been replaced with a ruffled shower curtain
So much nicer than a sliding wood door

What's behind the curtain?? 
Inside I have an 8 block cubbie and my file cabinet
I keep craft paper, tools, ribbon, yarn and many other items
Neatly stored in bins as well as a few important books
Above, on the shelf are my 'old' photo albums
And many boxes of 'older' photos

I have two cabinets with closed doors
And open shelving on either side of my desk
Some decorative items as well as numerous
containers holding smaller items

Using a variety of containers helps add contrast
As well as interest
And, well, just Fun!!
Milk glass and pitchers are great for pens, pencils and markers

Jars a great for buttons, threads, ribbons
As well as sand and shells, why of course!!

An old sewing draw holds
Note pads, mini cards and check boxes

These bins have been great for
Scissors, tapes, punches, etc.
I take these to the dining room table where
They work great for the granddaughters on a craft day

This is where I create, write, pay bills and
Stare out the window at the lizards and quail
While they run up and down the block wall just outside

These are two pieces that I love
The dresser was a long ago purchase at an outlet store
While the hutch on top belongs on my desk
But I like it atop the dresser better

Although the drawers are completely filled
With crafting and wrapping items
The hutch is more of a display area
Many happy pieces that make me smile
Sit here

The area on the opposite wall
Is also filled with fun pieces that bring a smile to my face
Photos, notes, project inspirations
I call this my inspiration wall
Where bits and pieces are kept until a project is started
Boxes and my 40 year old sewing basket
Are also stored below

The opposite cabinet on the left side of my desk

And just in case you think my office is always clean
Well, Not So Much
I work and play at my desk as often as possible
And making a mess is part of the JOY of creating!!

Thank you to Karen
For allowing us to share our creative spaces
And another great link up party!

Blessings to All

Also Sharing At
Kelly's Korner

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Quick Project ~~ Short Post

Hello Sweet Friends

I hope you have enjoyed a beautiful weekend
And a great day in the Lord

A few evenings ago I worked on a very quick project
I shared a photo on facebook and Instagram
Maybe you saw it
But I'll share here today

A couple months ago I took the curtain down from my back door
It was one of those two rod glass door curtains
I was just tired of it and wanted something a little more girlie

I finally had an idea that wasn't going to cost too many $$
I purchased a white battenburg lace curtain for the bottom part
I gathered several white battenburg lace hankies

I got out my first and only sewing basket that I got for my
16th birthday in 1974
Did a bit of hand sewing and voila
New valance

I actually sewed the hankies right onto the rod
But they are loose enough to slide them
Or take them off easily if I need to

With the bottom curtain and the top hankie valance
I am quit pleased with the simple, quick and
Inexpensive project

Now I have to make sure to keep the window clean :)

While out and about yesterday
I saw this cute pick up truck/wagon
I talked to the owner for a few minutes
And asked if I could take a photo

Wouldn't it be fun to drive around in this sweet ride?
Well, maybe not when it's 110+ outside
But maybe during the desert southwest winters

Don't forget that on Friday
July 15, 2016
Karen will be hosting her 8th annual
Where Blogger's Create Link Party
I've been getting my office cleaned up
So I can join in
I hope you will join in as well!!

Have A Blessed Week

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