Friday, July 3, 2015

A Thank You and Happy Independence Day

I received some Happy Mail on Friday
Thank you to Michele from at
The Nest at Finch Rest

I won her Giveaway
And received these very special
Patriotic Coasters

I really love them
And am using them already
Just in time for July 4th
 Thank You Michele

AND ...

Happy Independence Day
July 4
I LOVE our country
And Love celebrating our flag

May God Bless Your Holiday Celebrations
And ...
May God Bless America


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Update on Melissa

Hi Friends

Thank you so much for your Prayers

The Momma of this crazy family
Is Home!

The doctors have not yet come up with an answer
To her critically low hemoglobin and iron numbers
But after 2 bags of iron, 2 bags of blood and IV fluids
Plus a clean pelvic ultra sound
They felt comfortable sending her home
With several referrals for a couple more tests

We are grateful for prayers and
A God who answers them

We are grateful for you

We are grateful that she is feeling some better
Levels still need improvement
But that will take time

Find Joy is something little today

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Urgent Prayer Request

Hi Friends,

I come to you tonight with a Prayer Request
For my Sweet Daughter In Love

Pictured in the center of this photo
With her hubby (my son) and their 3 daughters and my 2nd son

She was admitted to the hospital last night
With critically low hemoglobin and iron levels

She has had 2 blood transfusions and a unit of iron

They are performing tests
But no resulting diagnosis at this point

Her hubby has been by her side the entire time
Her girlies (My 3 K's) are with their other grandparents tonight
Hoping they will be here by Thursday

Please pray that doctors are able to figure out
Why she is so terribly iron deficient
And are able to come up with a plan to treat her
And get her home to her family

Thank you so much friends
I will keep you updated as I receive news

Blessings to you all

Always looking to find JOY in the midst

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Little More Red * White * Blue *

Hi Friends,

It certainly was a busy Birthday week for my boy
He had several friends stay at the house
From Monday through Friday
With all that life involves and having
All those big hungry boys around here
I just haven't had time to do much blogging
But I wanted to thank each of you
Who left birthday wishes for Matthew
He was so excited to see and read them all
Thank You!!

I thought I'd share just a few more
Of my Red, White, and Blue decorations

I did go to Sweet Salvage last Saturday (06/20)
And found just a couple small items
Had a great day 
It was kind of 'my time' before the Birthday Stuff

I've put up a few more of my June/July decorations
I've had the little Boyds Bear for several years
He adds a fun touch
I placed some of my patriotic jingle bells in my #3 tin

I found the above wooden banner
For just a couple dollars at Merchant Square 
Love that place

These Patriotic saying cards
Were picked up at Sweet Salvage
Should have gotten more
But love the ones I did pick up

Ordered this sweet flag pillow from Etsy
The workmanship is excellent
Love this piece

This is all on my entry table

Decor just wouldn't be complete without a few quilts
These are on the entertainment center 
Above the TV
I love looking at them

Well, that's about it for this post
I have a tiny project I did yesterday
That I may share in a couple of days

Until next time
May you enjoy your day
And find something to be Joyful About


Monday, June 22, 2015

This Boy .. Happy 30th

It was November 1, 1985 when we met you for the first time.
You were just over 4 months old and weighed about 8 pounds
You were the cutest little 4 month old I had ever seen
Although you came to us as a foster child
I had no doubt that you would be ours forever ... someday

The social worker told us not to get our hopes up
Not to expect too much from you 
And to remember that the status of your future was up in the air
She told us you might be deaf, blind and paralyzed on one side
She told us that you may never walk or talk
And honestly they didn't even know if you would live very long
They really didn't know what your prognosis was at that point

We were soon to find out that your diagnosis was
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
With mild cerebral palsy and mental retardation
But I will tell you
That Never bothered us
We loved you from the moment we met you
And prayed everyday that we would get to keep you in our family

The next 2 years were filled with medical appointments
Therapy sessions and visit to your birth family
Lots of tears were shed and laughter was shared
You brought joy to everyone that met you

The day you turned 2 1/2 we walked into the 
Mono County Courthouse
And were so excited when Judge Roberts
Signed the papers to allow you to live with us 
from that day forward

There were many difficult days during those 2 1/2 years
But we believed it was God's plan for you to be with us
And we just trusted that HE would complete our family
And He Did!!

We have walked through our share of ups and downs
Fears and Joys have landed on our doorstep numerous times
But I would not want to change any of it for the world

Doctors can never predict what God has planned
Nobody can determine our future or the outcome of our lives
It is in God's hands to orchestrate our time here on earth
And I believe HE has done an amazing work in You

You make me laugh and cry
You challenge my faith
You open my eyes to see things in new ways
You tug on my heart strings
 Your smile melts my momma heart

Happy 30th Birthday
You are My Joy