Monday, September 4, 2017

A Few Favorites

Hello Sweet Friends
It's been a long while since I last posted
No sense in trying to catch you up
Let's just say
Summer in HOT in Arizona
And my body is revolting

I had the Huge Blessing 
Of traveling to San Diego
With my Dear friend
It was much needed for both of us
Here are just a few of my favorite moments

It was a joy to watch a couple of ships
Come in to port the first night we arrived

Enjoyed spending time at this cute Light House
'Old Point Loma Lighthouse'

Tried on some Conquistador Juan Cabrillo body armor
I'm wise enough to NOT share the full body photos - LOL

Visited the Beautiful and Peaceful
'Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary'


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Some Years and Better Than Others

This year has been tough
Well, This Day

Today would have been our 36th wedding anniversary
But God saw differently
And I'm sad

Today, I'm lonely and tired of being so
I Never thought I'd be a widow
Never thought he'd be gone so young

I am thankful for good memories
But also and honestly bitter for all that
Could have been, but wasn't
Is that wrong?
I feel angry today
And, let down
And, abandoned
And, unworthy
And, sin~filled
And, tired
And, unloved

Nothing is different today than yesterday
But today...I just feel off
I want to scream and cry and pout
But, I had to work and be up and be mom
And, I didn't want to be

Honestly, I just Don't Want To Be

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tea Cup & Mug Exchange Reveal

Hello Sweet Friends

It's time for a very special Reveal
One I look forward to twice a year

For the past three events
I have participate in Stephanie's
Tea Cup & Mug Exchange
And OH What Fun It Has Been

Stephanie Joyfully and Prayerfully
Matches participants for the exchange
You send to one person
And receive from a different person
It is Always a JOY to participate

This time my recipient was

I will let her share about her package
But it has been delightful getting to know Marilyn
And I found great joy in putting her package together 

I was SO surprised when I received a lovely
Thank you package from her
How sweet are all of these delightful goodies
Thank you Marilyn for blessing me so

You never know where you will send a package
Or where your package will come from
This time both sent and received packages
Went/Came from ladies in Idaho
How Fun Is That

My package came from

Oh My how she blessed this momma heart
I opened the package to find a gift for Madi
I was shocked and blessed
A beautiful hand made tea matt and a 'to color' book mark

What a sweet surprise and blessing

The rest of the package was stuffed FULL of beauty
With an Ocean theme, everything was had picked and made
By Tilda and her two daughters

Hot Cocoa, note pad, tea towels,
fragrance sachets for home and auto
Napkins, flower seeds and a hand sewn tea matt and book mark

The Tea Cup is a lovely shade of Aqua with white
Beautifully scalloped edges that remind me of sea shells
Absolutely Perfect

I feel so spoiled!
Thank you Tilda and girls
For your kindness and tender hearts
I am enjoying getting to know you and your family

Some day I plan to go visit my brother and niece/nephews in ID
I will make sure to visit BOTH of the beautiful and kind ladies

I never know how to thank Stephanie for hosting this wonderful
Tea Cup & Mug Exchange twice yearly
She certainly could be doing many other things
But has chosen to bless each participant

Thank you Stephanie

Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy 81st MOM

Hello Friends

I haven't blogged in such a long time
I almost forgot how to download, edit and upload photos

Hopefully, in the weeks ahead
I will blog more and fill you in
On where I've been and life in general

I want to SAY
Happy 81st Birthday to my Mom

In the past 10+ years
This sweet lady
Has endured a
Whipple surgery
Broken Hip
Mini Stroke
Valley Fever
And something that has eaten a good bit
Of her skull away
Yet, we celebrate 81 years
With Great JOY

She has
4 Children
11 Grandchildren
12 Great Grandchildren

We had a delightful Celebration at my home on Sunday
I'm sharing just a few of my favorite photos

Cousins and Braces

Cousins and 2nd Cousins

Laughter and Silliness

Which pretty much describes our lives

Why would this be a favorite photo?

It is a reminder of:
Family, food, fellowship
Joy, blessings and Happiness
And Celebration of a life well lived

Remember that messes
Are a Symbols of LIFE

Happy Birthday Mom

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Prayers for a Friend

Dear Sweet Blog Friends

Sometimes there are few words
That can express our pain
We've all felt it and been there
But I cannot imagine the pain
My Dear Friend Leah is feeling today

Leah became widowed about the same time I did
That is how we met
She was very blessed to find true love again
She married Joel and together they blended their families
Within the past 2 years they have
Added 3 siblings fro Bulgaria to their family
As well as a child they had been fostering
Together, in a few short years
They have 9 children
4 of whom were orphaned and still young

Last night
My Dear Leah
Became a widow again
Joel succumbed to complications after emergency surgery

I am at a total loss for words
And especially for understanding

Here are Leah's words:

There are no words to express my thanks for the outpouring of love and prayers concerning my precious Joel! He is now in the arms of Jesus! We hurt so badly but are so thankful this "goodbye" is only temporary until we will one day be reunited in Heaven. We will still need your prayers for a long time to come but especially in a few hours when I have to share this heartbreaking news with his 4 youngest babies. #Godisstillgood

Please, if you are so inclined,
Pray for and remember Leah and her family
In the days and weeks ahead!

God Be With Them