My One Word 2014

My One Word 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I See Many Projects in my Future

This past week I found a few moments
To venture into a thrift store or two
I came home with Many items
For very little $$$
And I now have quite a few projects in my future

This $2 bunny will land in my backyard
Somewhere beneath a red bottle brush bush
He will have many neighbors to hang out with
I'm sure he will be very happy there

I got this plant stand and 3 pots for about $5
It is actually larger than it looks
I had purchased a few plants over the weekend
And this is going to be Perfect for what I bought
I will have the girls help me plant tomorrow
It will be a fun project
We may even paint :)

Just couldn't turn my back on this metal basket
I'm not sure where it will end up 
But it will get a small makeover
And find a new home soon

Speaking of makeover
This frame 24x18 will definitely get a fresh coat of paint
And some distressing
It's kind of old but has Lots of potential

I found this cute frame with chicken wire and a few clips
It will also get some new paint
And find a new home
I'm opening an Etsy shop and this may be
One of my first pieces to go on sale

Though I paid about $6 for this 2 foot cross
I absolutely LOVE IT!!!
You may not be able to see it 
But it has a beautiful brown/green patina
I may not touch it at all
I may simply put it in my front porch flower bed

So for less than $20
I have many items and projects to work on

Stay tuned for some after photos in the next week or so

What have you found lately???

Revisionary Life for Thrifty Life Thursday

Monday, April 14, 2014

It All Started at Glendale Glitters

It was December 2005
When Glendale Glitters got me started on a new collection
A cute little vintage shop
It's just a tiny red bowl I said
I put it back a couple of times
However, it won and came to a new home

Over the years
More little red/white bowls have joined the family

They just speak to me
Take me home too

They are always tiny little prices too
Matching their tiny statures

Almost always found at cute little
Boutiques or Vintage Shops

Over the years that one little red bowl
Has been joined by many more
I've only shared a few here
These are the cuties that sit on my microwave
I use them regularly
But it is amazing how one $5 purchase
Led to a collection of tiny red bowls

There are more bowls out in the garage cabinets
Red/white and other colors as well

Sure do love my little red bowls

Do you have a collection that kind of started accidentally?
Do Share!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh Yes I Did ~~~

I Allowed THIS to Happen Today

Because Kids need to be Kids

And This one came by after school today
AIMS testing is OVER!!!
She was SO happy!!!

You can find JOY in everyday Things!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Mantle

I don't have a mantle in my home
The best I can do is to put a few Eastery items on my entry console

I've used a few of my late husband's old books
He had several Winnie the Pooh books
And the colors fit in just great

I found this cute bunny at a thrift store the other day
For only $3 
He's about 1 foot tall 

My mom hand painted this egg several years ago
I think it fits perfectly on this little guys back
In fact the little egg he is holding happens to be the same colors

I used my new (old) silver footed tray
to set the bunny and a musical nest on

I almost always have a few candy sticks around the house
I usually pick them up at one of my favorite antique stores
I added them to this cute little tin basket I've had for years

This is the first year I've used these egg cups
That I found a few years ago

So, it's not a mantle and it's not gorgeous
As some are I've seen this year
But I have many little hands that love to touch things
Therefore, I must decorate with items
That can be loved and cuddled by sweet little hands

I find JOY in things that remind me of happy times
Where are you finding your JOY today?

Revisionary Life ~~ Thrifty Life Thursday 
Timewashed ~~ Blissful Whites Wednesday

Monday, April 7, 2014

Working on a Little Project

It is a nice quiet Monday evening at home
I decided to work on a little project
Using these itmes

I found these egg cups at a yard sale a couple years ago
I think I paid $5 for 4

Always need to have a little candy for the grands
YES, I limit it!!!

Did you know that I think YOU are Wonderful

I'm not super creative
So we will see if my little project
Becomes blog worthy when finished or not

Enjoy a Super Week