Friday, February 27, 2015

These Girls

Hi Friends,

This is the time of year 
In the desert South-West
When we play outside as much as possible

We don't get much in the way of winter
But summer is so terribly HOT that 
We can't play outside at all

Since I had the two smallest K's on Thursday
We took a field trip to the park


These little girlies bring me so much Joy
They bless my heart every time I see them
I can not imagine my life without them

I found this heart shaped rock on our way home from the park
I think it went home with K-bel

At least she asked me to wash it for her
Before she held it all day

They Rock My World

On a side note:
My brother may need emergency surgery tonight
I'm waiting for a phone call

Please, if you have time,
Say a little prayer for Ken
Thank you

Blessings to all for a Fabulous Weekend
We are actually supposed to get some rain :)
What about you?
What is your weather like this weekend?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Downsizing Update Week {20}

Hi Friends,

I'm here during American Heart Month
To bring you my {20} week 
Downsizing Update

Here's what the numbers tell me today

Down - 46 pounds with 39 to go
Down - A total of 28 inches - Hard to believe
Also down a couple of dress/pant sizes

But more importantly
And the reason I agreed to add the information below
Is because my health is SO much better

I used to become short of breath often
I had heart palpitations in the evenings/at night
My cholesterol was 254
I was pre-diabetic
And, in general, I didn't feel well

In September at my regular well woman check up
Mr doctor 'gave me the what for'
And told me I needed to make changes
Or I would end up with many health issues
Related to my being obese

 Today, {20} weeks into making daily changes
I feel so much better
My cholesterol is down into the normal range
I'm not longer have any heart related symptoms
No nighttime indigestion or reflux

My BMI when from 36.9 to 30.6
Still in the obese range but certainly a lot 
Closer to overweight than before
And soon to be in the normal range

Although this is Not a paid sponsorship or advertisement
I wanted to add the following Heart Healthy Tips
From the American Recall Center

Do something Healthy for your Heart Today

And now,
The final sneak peek at my back yard mural
The base coats are about complete
I won't be adding anymore sneak peeks 
Until I complete the wall


Blessings To All

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Few Fun Finds And...

Hi Friends,

It's always fun for me to scan the aisles of a local thrift store
I had that pleasure the other day
And found a few little treasures

These little princess shoes
And a sweet brand new apron

K-Bel grabbed them as soon as she got here today
But K-Baby got to use them as well

These oval prints will go nicely in my Master bath
As soon as I do a little re-loving of them
Instead of the gold ring in the middle (see on the right)
I've started to add some silver/pewter  (see on the left)
It will match the new colors I'm adding in my bedroom

Speaking of my bedroom
I was SO happy to find a brand new pillow sham
Quilted white with small embroidered vines/flowers
The perfect shade of pewter

It just happens to match my new sheets perfectly
I can't believe it was only $3 
Brand new with tags :)

For just 74 cents
I found a great white piece of linen
With a nicely embroidered design
Could not pass this up

So, that's it for the finds
Because it's Thursday
Here are a couple shots of my littlest K's

K-Baby thought it would be so fun
To get nice and comfy in my favorite patio chair
Look at that little twinkle in her eyes

Just enjoying the perfect weather

To have a picnic outside
My K Days are truly the Best

What fun things have you found recently?

Thanks for stopping by and brightening my day
With your kind comments

My great Aunt Mary Jane passed yesterday
I had a pretty tearful night last night
Sure glad I was able to focus on the littles today

Blessings to All

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life is Always Full

Hi Friends,

After an entire week of 
Loving and Giving
I woke up this morning with a bit of a migraine
I think I was dehydrated
But, I have so much more on my list
That I just needed to get to work

I have a project I've been wanting to work on for about 2 years
So, I decided today was the day to Start
It's going to take a Loooonggg time

It has to do with paint
Blue paint to start with

And these tools

I'm not an artist or a painter
I'm just a girl who Loves the beach
And since I have a pool
I had this crazy idea to paint a beachy mural
On the wall behind my pool

I wish I knew someone who has a paint sprayer 
That I could borrow
But, Alas, I don't
SO, I am painting the back wall by hand
 And yes!
It's a big wall

MUCH more painting to be done
I could only muster 6 hours worth today
My body is tired
And my hands, back and shoulders feel 
Like they are going to fall off

Next weekend I'll finish the base painting
I hope

And then I'll start the mural

In the mean time
Matthew has a friend coming over tomorrow
And will be staying all week
I have to work too
So, I best get my house in order
And try to get a little rest

I've got mural planning to do........

Have a super Blessed Week!

Friday, February 13, 2015

To Be A Blessing

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share a follow-up from my last post
Because Valentine's Day can be tough for a widow
I decided I needed to be pro-active
And Be A Blessing This Week

Here are a few things I did

The only thing my son every wants for V-Day
Is a box of chocolates
So, I bought him a box to start his week
Unfortunately he has been sick most of the week
But, he did eat the chocolate :)

Next, I have a friend who has been facing a really tough week
So, I slipped a gift card in mail this week
I hope she gets to enjoy a little relax time next week

I love getting a small gift for my 3 K's
I got them all wrapped up to give them on Thursday
My K Day

I had forgotten to hide the Candy Canes
So, I couldn't get them away from these two cuties

Even after I gave them their V-Day gifts
No Candy in the baggies
Just a few little fun play things

When the oldest got home from school
She got her little gift
It's always a treat to be able to bless these special girlies

I mentioned in my last post about taking a small gift
To your co-workers
Well, I proceeded to make a few sweet treats

They didn't cost much
But it was fun to put them together
With tags, ribbons, some confetti strings, etc
And chocolate of course

It was fun to walk into the office this morning
With a basket full of little gifts
For All of the Staff members
No, I did NOT make one for myself

At lunch today
I made a surprise visit to my K-Bugs' school
And had lunch with her
That was a Super Sweet Time for me

I got home from work at 5 and immediately put on my PJ's

Tomorrow morning I'll get up 
And go spend some time with my mom
I'll take her out for lunch and help her around her place
A great Valentine gift, I say!

Then, I'll rush home and get things ready
For My 3 K's to come over for the night

Their parents are going out on a date
So I get the girls for the late afternoon and night

To Be A Blessing
Yep, That is what life is about

Praying you are blessed this weekend