Friday, June 17, 2016

Be Back Soon

Hello Sweet Friends

I'm not back quite yet from my mini blog break
But I wanted to stop by and say HI
I do hope to be back to blogging regularly
Very Soon

In the mean time
Karen at
Will once again host her annual
Where Blogger's Create
Link Party in July

You can check out the information HERE

Even if you don't join in
It is a wonderful place to get
Creative Space Idea's

(Sneak Peek)

I'll be joining in and sharing my creative/office space
Again this year
And I hope to see you there

You are in my prayers
Please keep me in yours
As I recover and work
Diligently to regain some energy


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cousin Day and A Few Answers

Hello Sweet Friends

I hope you have enjoyed a
Wonderful Weekend

Thursday is my Joy Day
And this past Thursday was no different
Now that summer has arrived and the kiddos are out of school
I had all 3 K's
Plus my niece came over with her 3 kids
Having time to watch the cousins play together
Is so refreshing

They get along so well
And enjoy each other's company

The kids are all so busy during the school year
That summer offers a fun time for
All of them to just hang out together

I LOVE Thursday's
I Especially LOVE Cousin Days

On another totally unrelated note:
My Health

In recent months I have become more and more exhausted
For seemingly no reason
In my desire to be strong and independent
I self diagnosed as depression
Due to the events of the past 8 months

However, when I got to the point
Where I struggled to get out of bed
And get ready for work in the mornings
I knew it was time to figure this out

Well, after a bit of lab work and a couple
Other minor tests
We have a diagnosis of
Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia

Honestly, I have been quite concerned
Because my dad was diagnosed with
Leukemia at my age which eventually took his life

So far, the tests are not leading in that direction
So I'm Thankful

More tests are being considered
Yet, for the next 3 weeks
This is my daily intake

We are taking a non invasive and
More gentle approach to getting my iron up
Before we look at more invasive
And more aggressive treatments and tests

I've been doing some research
And know this is a long process
I truly was hoping I'd feel better in a few days
But so far, not so much

At least I know why I've struggled to
Blog on a regular basis
By the time I get home from work
I'm pretty well finished for the day
And I've shared all the 'chores'
I've had to get done around here

I'm hoping as the weeks progress
I will find more energy
And blog more frequently
Or at least get by your blog for a visit

In the mean time
I'll be around as much as possible
And always appreciate your visits

And now
Because it is 115* outside
And I'm super HOT
I'll share one of my favorite photos
From many years ago
'In The Fall'

May you Be Blessed

Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekend Warrior

Hi Sweet Friends

I didn't exactly mean to take a blog break
But I've been sick and
Just didn't have the energy to blog at night

I'm hopefully on the mend
But now my little man cub is sick - Yuck!!

It seemed that on Thursday
When I had the pleasure
Of hanging out with all three of my K's
They didn't really enjoy their swimming adventure

The pool has been empty for a month or two
It wasn't really my plan
But getting sick wasn't really my plan either

What bit of energy I have had
Has gone to cleaning and maintenance work
On all of the pool equipment

Which included replacing a few of the
In ground cleaning jets

Sweeping and Vacuuming the bottom of the pool

Dodging water jets
While making sure every bit of dirt
Sand, rocks and leaves were OUT

Then, before I could fill the pool
I needed to replace the hose nozzle
It was so very old and worn
That I ended up soaked when I just
Wanted to water a few plants

It was fairly simple
And I'm glad it is done
No more spraying myself in the face

One more thing I needed to get done
I'll spare you all of the ugly details

It took longer than I had hoped
I guess I was more than tired
But it is done as well
And for that
I am Grateful

I Truly wanted to enjoy THIS today

It was great to have the kids and grands
Over for a few hours to

Hard Word definitely
Deserves PLAY

I do pray you have enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend
Even in the midst of work and play
It has been my honor to take time
To stop and pray
To thank and remember
Those who have selflessly
Risked and Given their lives
For our freedom
May we Never Forget the Sacrifices so many have given


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sea Glass and A *Winner*

Hello Sweet Friends

I hope you have enjoyed a Beautiful Weekend
And all the Blessing of Family and Friends

I mentioned last month that I was on the hunt
For Sea Glass
I had received a piece from a friend of a friend
Who lives on The Islands
And sent a special little piece of sea glass to me

It started my little obsession with sea glass
I guess because it reminds me so much
Of my childhood, living so close to the beach

I had a couple of blog friends
Who said they would send me pieces of sea glass

Friday I received a Very Special Package from
Valery Anne in Hampshire England

Valery Anne and I shared a few emails
She said she had many pieces of sea glass
And she wanted to share a few with me

Oh My
Was I surprised when this beautifully
Hand Created Box came filled with
Gorgeous pieces of sea glass and a few miniature shells

Not only did Valery Anne Bless me
With a wonderful assortment of Sea Glass
She also made the adorable box to keep it safe
While being shipped across the pond

Valery Ann Blogs at Valery Anne Designs

She is very creative and talented
I am So Very Grateful for the Blessing of this
Beautiful Assortment of Sea Glass and Shells
They will be kept on display in my Beachy Office

And Now
The Winner of my 8 ~ 800 ~ GiveAway

Noreen who blogs at Life Blessings

Noreen has become a dear blogging friend
And it seems only fitting that she would be announced
As the winner on the day I posted about Sea Glass
Because it was her friend who sent me my
Very first piece from Hawaii

Noreen, Congratulations
I'll have your package in the mail on Monday!

If you have a few spare pieces of Sea Glass
They sure would have a great new home with me

May you have a week Blessed
With JOY!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

8 ~ 800 ~ GiveAway

Hi Sweet Friends

You have heard it said:
'The older we get, the faster time flies'
I tend to agree

I have been blogging for 8 years this month
And today is my 800th post

Though my blogging has taken many twists and turns
I have met so many wonderful friends
Over that time span

To Celebrate
I'm giving a few things away

Many of you are beginning to put your
Patriotic decorations together
Since Memorial day is soon

As well as Flag Day
And Independence Day
I thought I'd put together a little
Patriotic Give Away

Everything in this post is being
Packaged up and sent out to one lucky winner

2 dish cloths
4 Flag note cards with envelopes
1 scented sachet
1 cute red clock

How can it be shipped to you
Well, just leave a comment on this post
I'll randomly draw 1 winner on Sunday evening
That's it!

Thank you for sharing 1 post or 8 years
With me as we all navigate Life together
You are my inspiration and encouragement

Blessings to YOU