Friday, March 9, 2018

Another Ending...

My Dear Friends
Thank you for continuing to stop by
Even though I was MIA for so long

Tonight I write about another loss
Another ending in my life

Oh, it's not the most horrible kind
It's just another ending

For the past year and a half I have been 
Joyfully fluffing and refilling my space
At Tillies Attic
Oh how I have enjoyed creating and filling my space
With fun and beautiful treasures

It has been a life long dream for me to be a part
Of an antique/gift shop
Therefore, it was so exciting to have joined 
A fun and unique shop

The owner received word that the 
Landlord doubled her rent and 
Leased the space to another business without warning

So, it is will sadness
That the shop will be closing on March 30th.

My heart continues to reel from all of the life changes
I have been facing over the past several months
And now into the next few as well

I do wish God would write me a lovely letter
And tell me what HE is doing in my life
Why I am facing so many endings
And changes
However, we know that is not usually how our God works

I again pray and wait 
Without answer

On day soon, I will be able to share Good News

Blessings to you All

Friday, March 2, 2018

Texas Called --- They Answered

Well Sweet Friends
Time slips away and I've failed to update 
On my Second life changing event

This one is hard to write and I've procrastinated
Hoping it weren't true

But first, an update on Madi

The first two weeks of his new living arrangement were tough
Lots of tears shed and many phone calls
I tried to go see him twice a week
Things have slowly gotten better
And he is definitely settling in
I go up on Sunday evenings
Take him to dinner and a bit of shopping

He calls each night at 9:00 when he gets ready for bed
It's a sweet talk and good night
I miss him but know this is what is best for this season in our lives

On to the next change
Andrew, my oldest son, accepted a job opportunity in TEXAS
He left one week after Madi moved out
February 10th
So far, he Loves his new job and is quickly adjusting
To his new life
His sweet Melissa and My 3 K's will be moving
To be with him when school is out in May

My heart is so terribly torn
I KNOW this is a great opportunity for their family
However, I can hardly wrap my head around the idea of 
Them moving to Texas

Talk about an Empty Nest
I wish I had the energy to write much more
But I have been working 7 days a week 
And will continue to do so until April 5th
Which will lead me to my Next life changing event

I know God is doing Something
I am just Not Sure What!!!

Do you even wish He would just Write you a Letter?

My Heart Aches........

Blessings to you All
Until I Announce my next Change *wink*

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Fledging and the Empty Nest

Sitting in my home office
Watching the sun shine on my 1949 pick up truck
Memories flooding back of happier times

Tear stained cheeks
Sad that this moment has arrived
But filled with gratefulness and pride because it has

Whispers early on of poor prognosis
Years of therapy and hard work
Have yielded to spreading wings
And the fledging from the nest

Yes, the youngest has fledged
And my nest is now empty

Little Madi has moved into a group home
30 miles away
I know it's not that far
However, it is a Huge move
And a major change in both of our lives

Madi has been my side kick since Mark passed 
December 24, 2010
We have shared so many laughs 
And shed tears of joy and sorrow

Today, Madi is hanging out in his new nest
My prayers are for safety, peace and joy
Timing is right, it's a new beginning

The first of 'several' major life changing events
That will take place for me
Over the next several months
Has happened

Although, I've been away from blogging for some time
I shall be sharing more 
As the next life change
Will begin to take place next weekend
I'll share as things unfold

It's hard to live with puzzle pieces
And today, that is all I have
But, I'm excited to see all the pieces be put into place
To have a clearing understanding of what the Lord is doing
And how this picture comes together

I'll be back next week with more to the story...

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tea Cup Exchange Reveal

What a joy it has been to participate in 
For the past several years

Each time I participate I am blessed beyond measure
By the kindness and generosity of those
Who have received my name

Before I share what I received
I will share what I sent out and to whom
I have had the pleasure of 'knowing' (in cyberland)
Deb for a couple of years
We have exchanged Pocket Letters 
And other fun goodies over time
She has been a blessing to me
And I truly have enjoying getting to know her over the years

You can check out her blog for her reveal post

 This year I was especially blessed to receive a package from

She sweetly put together a delightful fall package
Because we don't get much true fall weather
Here in the desert southwest
It was a treat to receive such a gift

Everything was wrapped so beautifully

So many lovely treasures that I am enjoying daily
Well, not daily any longer because the cookies are gone

Adorable tea cup and saucer
Love the colors and the warmth

Beautiful pumpkin which has fit in nicely with my d├ęcor 

Lots of pretty smells 

And Decadent Tastes

Thank you Michele
For Blessing my so 
With love and generosity 

Thank you Stephanie for putting so much love and time
Into these fun and friendship forming parties
I have truly enjoyed them
And thank you for allowing me participate

May you all be Blessed 
Until we meet again

Monday, September 4, 2017

A Few Favorites

Hello Sweet Friends
It's been a long while since I last posted
No sense in trying to catch you up
Let's just say
Summer in HOT in Arizona
And my body is revolting

I had the Huge Blessing 
Of traveling to San Diego
With my Dear friend
It was much needed for both of us
Here are just a few of my favorite moments

It was a joy to watch a couple of ships
Come in to port the first night we arrived

Enjoyed spending time at this cute Light House
'Old Point Loma Lighthouse'

Tried on some Conquistador Juan Cabrillo body armor
I'm wise enough to NOT share the full body photos - LOL

Visited the Beautiful and Peaceful
'Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary'