Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Days 13, 14, 15,&16

Oh My Goodness ~~~ How did I get so far behind??

I don't know where this week has gone!

Sorry ~ No pictures ~ my camera has been MIA ~ I think hiding under some 'stuff' on my desk!!

I cannot say I have done much Christmas preparation during these past few days. Although I did attend our church's Christmas program rehearsal both Monday and Tuesday evenings. Otherwise, I have just worked and come home exhausted as I have been sick for over two weeks. I suppose with everything we have faced these past few months my body is just warn down and my immune system a bit weak. it because I only eat junk and have gained so much weight that my body doesn't remember how it is supposed to function? Probably a little of both!

I must admit that I did give myself a gift on Tuesday. I took most of the work day OFF and spent 6 hours shopping! Oh, I didn't buy much, mostly just window shopped but it was wonderful to spend time ALONE (with a million other people shopping) and not have any agenda. I went to places I have been longing to visit, touched, smelled and enjoyed the 'stuff' and music!!

I found a store that had these and these ... NO, I didn't buy any but they did bring back some fun memories of childhood visits to the theater.

Since Mark was laid off work nearly two years ago and has been so ill this year, I find that I never have alone time and those few hours really filled a need I had. I think I may just do it again this week.

Beyond that, today was K-bel I spent from 10a - 4p holding, loving and spoiling her. Yes, I let her sleep for awhile. It's just fun to have her for a few hours a week. Then off to run a few quick errands and now home. Wouldn't you know soon as I walked outside to run errands the skies just opened up and showered the earth with rain...ahhhhh.

Matthew has had a few friends over since Sunday and I think they go home tomorrow, so the house has been noisy, I will enjoy some quiet tomorrow night - I HOPE!!!!

Tonight, it's dinner for all and hopefully some rest before work again in the morning:) Have I ever told you how much I Love my Job and how thankful I am to have it????

Being the wonderful SoCal gal that I am.......Tonight on TNF - 49er's vs Chargers - yikees!!! Chargers YES!!!

Thanks for reading my rambling!

Considering These Days With Joy,

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  1. Cindy, sorry you have not been feeling too great...hope you feel much better by the time Christmas rolls around. Been thinking about your hubby and how he is doing. Hope he is getting stronger each day. I know it is easy to get discouraged but you know, as I do, the Lord is with you through everything. Lean on him!

    I am like you in the fact that I like to shop without spending any money. Just to walk around and look at "stuff" satisfies me. It is sort of "mindless" entertainment when I need a break from the "real" world!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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