Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Day 2

Oh how God is such a wonderful giver of Joy...

My sister came by early this morning (8:30ish) to drop off a 'gift' for hubby and I.

We have always loved the movie "A Christmas Story" and talk about parts of it all through the year. We used to have what we called a 'leg' lamp, love the pink jammies, the tongue stuck on the pole (since we lived in the cold of the Eastern Slopes of the High Sierras) I think that happened to hubby and maybe one of our boys, not quite sure, we call it the 'you'll shoot your eye out' movie and just look forward to watching it at least once during every Christmas season.

Well, my sweet sis brought by the cutest bag with a darling ornament inside.

She and her hubby know us well and knew it would bring a smile to our faces and joy in our hearts. Isn't he just the cutest???? Thank you P&M - We love you and Happy 34th anniversary yesterday:)

Later in the day I started putting together a box that will travel to Uganda. We have sponsored a sweet little boy for several years through World Vision and I love being able to send little gifts every now and then. In the pic below you can see a few of the items I am sending, I packed most of the box today and just picked up a few more items this afternoon. I will be so happy when that little box gets on it's way to brighten the life of our little Mark!!

Do you remember Chiclet's? I loved them, especially those little tiny minis...yummy! It is such an honor for us to be able to support this little guy. I only pray that these small items will brighten his day but mostly we pray that he and his family come to know Jesus in real and personal ways, and we meet in heaven some day.
And then of course, being Thursday, I was blessed with spending some of my afternoon with this precious little K-bel Angel...........

Such a blessed day, filled with moments of joy. Thankful to our God who loves so much!

Considering Christmas Day 2 with Great Joy,


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  1. We were just watching that movie earlier today. Glad to know that the Christmas spirit is up and running beneath your roof. I hope you are able to steal some moments of joy and peace along the way.



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