Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Day 19

Filled with Joy, Filled with Fun, Filled with Excitement, Filled with Sugar!!!!

This day was Awesome!

Worship Service this morning where the kids sang a couple of their songs from the program they have been working so hard preparing ~ Fabulous!!

Home for lunch with the final rehearsal at 2 and the performance at 4!!

Sorry, I don't have any photos to share since I was behind the curtain! But my good friend took 217 so I'm sure I will have a few to share soon.

One of our church members had these beautiful cookies made for all of the church leadership and ministry helpers...Isn't it an adorable cookie?

I stared at it for about 10 minutes and then...............YEP!! I ate the whole thing and let me tell you, it was as good to eat as it was to look at:)

We are now home and Kori is here having a fun time with Nana!!!
Here is what we have been doing!!!

Yes ~~~ When I take this little angel home in awhile her parents are going to have a 'fun' time attempting to get her calmed down and to sleep :D I think that is what Nana's are for!!
Considering December 19th a Joy,

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  1. Thanks again for helping with the musical!! You did a great job as gramma ;) I was going to blog about those cute cookies too, but forgot to snap a photo (can you believe it, LOL!)will have to wait until my Wednesday post...they are just too pretty to eat!!


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