Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Day 1

It has been a difficult year for me to become excited about the Holiday season which seems to have snuck up on me.

I absolutely LOVE Everything about Christmas but am having a hard time getting in the swing of things.... SO...................

I have decided to post a picture or two each day of December which has something to do with the Christmas season.

Today, when I got home from work I went out to the garage and took these...

Yes, my Christmas decorations are still neatly packed away into their various cabinets...and even more in the attic.

I have not been so bold as to climb up there yet but have a mind to do so this weekend.

I am hoping that by making a commitment to take pictures daily I will also find myself getting 'into' the Spirit of the most Wonderful Holiday of the Year!!!

Won't you join me as we venture toward the Celebration of the Birth of our Precious Lord and Savior :)

Considering Christmas with the Greatest of Joy,


  1. I'm trying to get in the spirit too. I have my birthday tomorrow and my dad's memorial on Friday. The plan is to get out the Christmas stuff on Sunday and get started. I love this time of just seems to come upon me so fast.

    Hope you get in the spirit and enjoy it no matter what happens. You have Mark and your family. You are blessed!

  2. I pray that God's sweet spirit will just flood you with JOY and that you will definitely get into the Spirit of the season. His Spirit is what it's all about!

  3. Loving this idea girl! Can't wait to see your pics from today. May God wrap his arms around you this season, as you truly have had a trying year. Love you!


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