Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Day 3

So I am checking in with my Christmas Day 3 post a little early because I need to get ready for our office Christmas Party tonight. We are going to a swanky resort in Paradise Valley for a fabulous dinner and lots of fun.

I did do a small bit of shopping today on my way home from work. Needed to pick up a couple gifts for the exchange game that we will play tonight.

The only photo I have for you today is below:

Oh Yes!!! Oreo's and I go Way back. I am always excited when they release their holiday goodies. And of course, hubby Loves Ghirardelli peppermint bark so I just had to pick some of that up for him.

I promise I will take lots of pictures tonight at our party and will post some tomorrow.

As for getting into the Christmas Spirit, well, I suppose you could say that I am leaving my heart open for the Lord to work and enjoying sharing little moments with you.

Considering Christmas Day 3 with Joy,



  1. I love those chocolate covered oreos too~so yummy!! Have fun at your party tonight :) I cannot wait to see your photos!!

  2. The party sounds fun and yes, Oreos! lol


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