Thursday, December 23, 2010

Can You Believe Another Anniversary???

Christmas Day 22 & 23 bring more joy-filled memories of blessings great and small.

In these past few days I have reflected on how gracious God has been to our family during the month of December for most all of our married life.

12/17 ... The date of hubby's transplant 2003

12/18 ... The date of son #1's final adoption 1984

12/20 ... The date Pfizer committed to help supply hubby's meds 2010

12/23 ... The date of son #2's final adoption 1987

12/31 ... The date of hubby's birth (????)

Yes, on this date in 1987, our youngest son turned 2 1/2 and we walked up those familiar stairs to the judges chambers and signed those precious papers that would tell the world that on this date 12/23/1987 Jeremy Mellor would forever be known as Matthew James Cain.

Little Matthew came to our home when he was just 4 months old. Our social worker gave us very little hope for his future and told us not to get too attached because they didn't expect him to live a year. Prayer Peeps...Prayer!!!!

This past summer we took a very short trip back to Bridgeport, CA and revisited the judges chambers...if only to take a few photos...and remember the two very special days we spent in that room.

This Christmas season has been very different for our family. We have struggled through some difficult times yet God has chosen to fill my heart with gratefulness and wonderful memories of treasured moments.

This year you haven't heard me talking too much about shopping, buying and wrapping of gifts for this year the gifts we are treasuring are the moments we have. We don't know what this next year will hold for our family so we are valuing life and relationship instead of 'stuff'.

I was able to spend most of today with my K-Bug and K-Bel...what fun times we have together. K-bug made cookies again and a mess was had by all:) She made Pop a special heart cookie, she loves him so much and wants him to get better.

This year we don't know if he's going to get better, he's been fairly ill the past few days. We are praying and believing God for miracles.

So, we treasure the moments!!!

Are you treasuring the moments? Are you loving and honoring the relationships you have? Are you making memories for a lifetime? Are you creating a legacy in your children and grandchildren? Are you passing the Gift of Jesus on to them?

Or are you spending so much time/money/effort on 'Christmas' that you have forgotten 'Christ'?

I pray that we All focus on not just the babe in the manger but the Jesus who sacrificed His life so that we All would be given the Gift of Eternal Life with our Creator!!

Merry Christmas,

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  1. Merry Christmas Cindy - praying that y'all will have a wonderful day in His presence!


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