Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Day 4

So Christmas Day 4 brought me an early morning after a late night. I forgot to take my camera with me today but I will share some photos from last night.

This morning was another trip to the barn for son #2's lesson (oh my it is cold so very early in the morning). Lesson completed we ventured home where son #2 was able to rest but I headed straight for the church and rehearsal for our Annual Christmas Program. I will be having my acting debut next week but it will also probably be my farewell performance. I don't think this acting/memorizing lines is meant for this lady.

Sorry, no pictures of rehearsal!

Son #2 and I went out to do a small bit of shopping; he has to take a gift tomorrow for his 'barn' Christmas party!! I know he will have a wonderful time; he loves his barn friends so much!

As for the rest of day 4 ~ well ~ I am not feeling well so I am going to take a short nap and then cook some tomato soup and make grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Then off to bed early because tomorrow is another busy day.

Here are just a few shots from last night's festivities.

Entrance to our dining room

Employer, Friend, Sister in the Lord, Encourager to my family

A few of our 'cute' staff

MJ, me, and T ~ who has been a huge supporter of the practice

So happy son #1 and his bride could join us since she works for us

And YES...Mark actually let us have a little fun...

I must admit we wore him out but it was great to have him there and participating in the activities of the night!

I'll see you all again tomorrow for Day 5 of my preparation and 'getting' into the Spirit of Christmas.

Considering Christmas Day 4 with Joy,


  1. Looks like a lovely time! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Glad to see you're keeping up with some holiday traditions and that Mark is coming along for the ride! Considering where he's been these past few months, it blesses my heart to see him enjoying life, even if it does wear him out.

    Love you both~elaine


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