Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Day 12

I have considered myself a woman of faith. Our family has journeyed some tough roads in recent years and I believe we have weathered them well. Yet and still I must admit that these past few months have aged me and definitely challenged my faith.

I love God and trust that He will continue to provide all of our needs as He has all my life. However, as these difficult days have warn me down I find "myself" working hard to make ends meet and making plans for how "I" will provide for our family's needs.

Today I was sent to my knees again, this time not in petition but in repentance and thanksgiving, as God showed Himself Big Again and helped me to realize that He is still in control and I Must again let go of the 'need' to make things happen.

Someone *maybe an angel on earth* blessed us today with the money necessary to purchase hubby's life saving medication this month. As he and I stood looking at the person, tears streaming down our faces, our hearts humbled, we knew God's spirit was standing before us and we were once again in awe of, not only His Grace, but in a soul's willingness to be obedient to their creator!

We do not deserve what God has given to us today, yet none of us deserve the Eternal Life He has freely offered to us either. Do you know this God, this Jesus who loves you so much? If you don't and you would like to, please email me and I would love to talk with you and share the life which is just waiting to be held!
Today, although I did actually decorate our tree, it's not so much about the preparation for Christmas but about preparing our hearts for Christ!!!

Considering the Gift of Christ with Great Joy,


  1. Cindy, I am so glad to read this. I have also been going through a very difficult season this past year. I think it can be hard for people to truly understand unless they've walked in your shoes. Medications can be so expensive and often insurance will not pay. So thank the Lord for that kind person who understood the need and did something about it.

    Blessings and love,

  2. We have also been the blessed recipients of generous people: family, friends, neighbors, and people we don't even know personally. They saw our need and responded.

  3. We have been the recipients of great kindness in this season of our lives. Praising the Lord with you for his provision and continuing care. You are well-loved friend. Thank you for staying the course of faith and keeping to your knees. Tonight, I remember you all in my prayers.



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