Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Days 10 & 11

It is so easy to get behind when you are attempting to do something everyday.

Yesterday was a full day of work and then our church had their annual Ladies Christmas Party. What a blast we had and even though I took my camera with me...well, I forgot to take any pictures.

There was a wonderful spread of tummy fillings and desserts followed by a fun game of gift exchanges. Here is what I brought home...

I would have been happy with just the wrapped box but I sure will enjoy using the note pads as well. Of course, they are my favorite colors, black, white and red:)

Today was an early morning and off to riding lessons followed by a quick trip home and then to a 2 1/2 hour rehearsal for our church Christmas program next week. I still haven't taken any pictures of rehearsals.

If it was available to him, son #2 would ride all day everyday!!!
This afternoon I finally pulled all of our Christmas stuff out of their hiding places and actually put up the tree. It even has lights but no ornaments...hoping to get to that part tomorrow.

It's a little bittersweet this year because though hubby is home, he just lies on the couch and watches. He seems unable to help much at all and it makes me very sad. I keep putting a smile on my face but after nearly 30 years of doing all this together...just watching this process is breaking my heart.

I have a beautiful roast in the crock pot and if it is finished in time, I may run down to the park and watch one of my nephews play softball in the Championship Tournament. All the kiddos will be down there so it would be a nice break for me.

We will see what tomorrow holds but I know it will be another great day in the Lord.

Considering Christmas Preparations with Joy,

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