Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Day 21

This is how my day began
Up before the sun rose
And then a quick trip to the back yard

Now these pictures just don't do justice to the sunrise
But I will say
It Was Breathtakingly Beautiful

The rest of my day was spent at the office
The schedule has been completely booked
So many sick little tykes

Sorry to say pneumonia is going around
We had our first couple of positive influenza's today
We heard it was really supposed to hit our area around Christmas
So here we are just days away

Tonight I'm home relaxing
So tired due to being sick for a couple weeks

My youngest called me today
Mom, I have a sore throat
Hurting ears, body aches
Guess he'll be seen tomorrow

Can you believe Christmas is just days away
It happens so quickly
I'm glad that I have Thursday thru Monday off work!!

Lots of time to just Enjoy God's Presence!!!

What is your plan for Christmas Eve/Day?

We will spend Christmas Eve with friends and then church!
I LOVE Christmas Eve Worship Service!!

Now, I must spend some time in prayer
As I have a huge decision to make in the next 48 hours
Please pray with me as this decision with affect
not only me but several other's involved in my life
And may affect our finances in the year ahead

Blessings to All My Friendly Peeps,


  1. Hey friend, thank you for your sweet words left at my blog. Your visits always bless me so much!

    I am praying for you tonight. May you have wisdom from above to fill your mind. I pray you sense His Spirit, who dwells within, guiding you forward.

    Merry Christmas, friend!

  2. Praying for you! Enjoy your days off :)


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