Thursday, December 29, 2011


The mess, stuff and things of
Have been taken down and packed away
Now behind closed cabinet doors
Not to see the light of day for another 11 months

I pushed myself this year
Far beyond what I 'felt' ready for
To decorate and enjoy this most precious of Holidays
Not for myself but for the memory of him
And though the stuff has been put away

The "Christ" of Christmas
Will be kept well within my grasp
Just as this memory of my beloved
Was close throughout the Christmas season

The year now behind me
I don't know where it went
But to honor what we had
I lift up my eyes and look to heaven

My steps may be slow and shaky at first
I may seem lost or confused
Yet I am taking the Lead
From a God I cannot see
And trusting He knows
What is best for me

I'm taking off the Black
Putting away the veil
Where I go from this point forward
God will soon Reveal

Considering Life,


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Thanks for your encouraging comment on my post tonight Cindy! Love you!

  2. Go girl go! Can't wait to see what God has in the wings!

  3. I'm so encouraged to see how you've come through this one-year mark, Cindy! I've wondered if the anticipation of it may be the worst part, and if the passing of it might enable us to take a turn and begin a new road. As I enter the last two months of that part of the journey, I will hold this hope before me!


Hi Friend, I read and cherish every single comment you leave! You bring Joy to my heart! Blessings, Cindy