Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Daily 21

It's been suggested that sharing my heart
Is not a good thing to do on my blog

So instead I will share my
Christmasy Jewelry for today
 This little bracelet is fun
And a bit jingly
I'm not sure if you can see the bracelet above
It is an Italian Charm bracelet that a friend gave me
On the day my son donated a kidney to my husband
All of the charms are Hubby related
Mostly from events we attended together
Since I am a miniature nativity collector
He bought me the tiny nativity charm
you can just barely make out in the center
I where it every day
Having my son home again is a joy
But today was a Super Joy
He cooked up some
Homemade turkey vegetable soup
Which was piping hot and ready to eat
When I walked in the door after work at 7:20 PM

Love you all :)

Oh, and BTW
Since this IS my blog
My heart is not doing so great tonight!!


  1. Glad your son is home and what a gift for you that he made you dinner. Your heart should be a bit happier because of this!! LOve you!!

  2. Cindy your jewlery is pretty but your heart is beautiful. I love your blog because you are REAL and sharing your heart is REAL. You will never know how many other people you touch with your heart sharing. So, don't stop. Share as the Lord leads you.


  3. I completely disagree with whoever suggested you should not share your heart on your blog, and I completely agree with Leah, your heart is beautiful! Most of us read your blog to hear your heart! Please don't stop sharing! Praying for your heart this week!

  4. Oh! And family is the BEST gift! I'm so glad you got the gift of your son's homecoming! (Not to mention turkey soup!)

  5. Just came to your blog from Ferree's blog. There is nothing wrong with sharing your heart on your blog.


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