Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Daily 13

Living in Sunny Arizona
Allows for plans to be made
And seldom changed due to weather
Yet, most all of the plans I had
For my very fist week long
StayCation have been washed out
Due to all of the rain we have received over the past few days

It is much needed in AZ
And I am enjoying the benefits of it
Just look at my beautiful green lawn
But I sure have not accomplished 1 thing on my 'list'

Instead of painting and garage updating
I have been doing a little house cleaning
And a small amount of Christmas decorating
Today I put up a small Santa Boot Christmas Tree
In my bathroom
Which adds a bit of joy
For those early mornings

And since the rain has kept me inside
I am actually doing a little cooking
Tonights menu includes this
Hopefully Yummy Roast
With Veggies and Fresh Garlic Bread

See you tomorrow
With 'hopefully' some Good news
Regarding Projects Completed

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes it's nice to have plans changed so we can get other things accomplished. Your roast looks delish. You MUST try the fudge I posted about tonight....so yummy!

    Christmas hugs,


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