Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily 4

I wish I could say that
I am in a Super Perky Christmasy Mood
""Not So Much""

For some reason known only to God
I'm feeling rather down and out today
I did get to spend some time
With my granddaughters
And that always makes me happy
 K~Bel and K~Bug
 K~Bug just before daddy took off the training wheels
K~Bel in her Santa shirt

Sorry, No Christmas Jewelry today

We did go back out to the stables today
Only to have Matthew get bucked off again
He is resting in the next room
He Loves to Ride
But this Momma is getting rather Horse Shy

Considering Joy Worth Looking For

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  1. It's not surprising that either one of us are not in the Christmas spirit, but I imagine your granddaughters lifted you up.

    Here's hoping we both find the right path this coming New Year.



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