Monday, December 12, 2011

December Daily 12

Today has been a
Cold, Wet, Dark and Dreary Day

It was much too cold and wet to
Begin the main project I am
Hoping to accomplish this week

So, I spent most of the day
Cleaning and recovering areas of my office
Which have been hidden by months
Of mail and what not

Matthew put up his
Fiber Optic Tree

Although it is only 5 o'clock
I have my nice and warm
Christmasy Jammies on
Getting ready to have a little soup for dinner
And then a quiet night of
Monday Night Football

And while watching the game
Since I love to Multi-task
I will be going through a years worth of photos
To decide which ones I want to send to Mark's Momma

Have a great night
See you tomorrow :)


  1. Soup and jammies and warm socks...a perfect way to spend a cold and wet winter night.

    Big Christmas hugs,

  2. Definitely my idea of a snuggly evening! Sending warm and cozy thoughts your way...

  3. Cindy,
    Continuing to think of you and lift you up in prayer. So far so good, here. It's been rainy and cold as well. No tree, no football. Lot's of multitasking. I'm moving James' office this Friday, downsizing to smaller offices next door. The phone guys are here to drop the lines, from here to there, through the ceiling.



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