Monday, December 5, 2011

December Daily 5

Today was Tough
A new and dear friend
Who has been affected by widowhood
At a young age
Wanted to do something special
To honor her husband this Christmas Season
She put out a request for special ornaments
So she could create a 'Chris' Tree

Her husband had a few of the same interests
As my husband did
I thought, prayed and contemplated
What type of ornament I would like to send her
As a remembrance of both of our guys

Today, I mailed the ornament of choice:
 Above, in the Christmas Ornament Frame
Is the Very Last Fly my husband tied before his passing
He would spend hours tying flies when he was younger
But the last several years he almost never touched the supplies
One evening he decided to give it a try
And above is the final outcome 
His Final One
May it Hang Proudly on Leah's 'Chris' Tree
 When I arrived at work today
I found the above card and package on my desk
One of my co-workers has been a young widow for many years
She understands the fear of facing this Christmas season
The card (adorable)
Written inside ~ Well let's just say ~ tears
Her heart truly knows my heart
She must have read my blog
Because she knew my goal of wearing
A piece of Christmas jewelry every day
Inside ~ 3 Darling pair of Christmas earrings
Here is my Christmas jewelry for today
One of the pair I received from my co-worker
They were ringing all day
And helped keep me grounded
With my heart focused on what Christmas is all about

And now,
I must go wrapped my Secret Santa gifts
To take to work tomorrow

I Pray you are finding Joy even in the tough things,


  1. How very generous of you, Cindy. I'm sure that last fly holds a special place in your heart.

  2. Cindy,

    I am speechless! I sit here sobbing knowing how difficult that was for you to do. And to think that God would bless ME with such generosity! You are amazing, and you bless me so much! I wish I could be there with you on 12/24!

    Love you dearly,


  3. A beautiful gift you've given. Mark lives on, not only in your heart and in heaven, but in Chris's tree.

    Blessings, sweet one.


  4. Wow, how unselfish of you to share a very personal item with a friend! I know she will treasure it even more knowing how special it is.

    You are truly blessed to have a coworker who understands and shows she cares. The earrings are so cute!

    Christmas hugs,


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