Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Daily 6

With each passing day
Comes a more intense and deeper pain
The empty black chair
Beckons my comfort
Yet there is no one to comfort my brokenness

Oh, to be held and loved
My soul can only recall
The moments from days gone by
Thankful for each one of them
Longing for their presence
Only to be awakened to their silence

Attempting to find Joy in each new day
I dawned one of my prize pieces of Christmas jewelry
I have collected miniatrue nativities
For Many years

Thankful for the times he touched it
While it embraced my wrist

Son #2 is not feeling well tonight
So Chicken soup and bread to the rescue
My heart is not feeling so well either

So I will slip into my comfy Christmas Jammies
And cuddle up alone
In my empty black chair
Longing for his presence
Thankful for his memory

Where are you finding your Joy today,


  1. Praying for your heart to feel better! Praying that you are comforted by the great Comforter Himself!

  2. No words, just presence from Texas...

  3. (((((Cindy))))) Lifting you gently to the loving arms of our heavenly Father.

  4. Wow! I am going to keep reading, it has been a long while since I stopped by. My heart aches with yours. Looking for joy. (or maybe I am not and I am just hoping it surprises me one day soon)

    thanks for sharing your heart,

  5. Finding joy in the precious women the Lord has given me to love through my blog.

    You are such a gift to me. I love you, Cindy.


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