Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Daily 7

Happy Mail arrived today
 I finally have a cover for my iphone4
 And of course, what else
It is Red and Black
My favorite combo
 I suppose after some disappointments in the past few days
I really had to 'dig' to find some 'JOYS' today
Above is a photo of my Empty Laundry Basket
Now THAT can make a girlie smile ;)
My Christmasy Jewel of the Day
This festive, quirky little smiling
Christmas Tree
Yes, again I've had it for many years
But it was fun to wear it today

Where did God show you some Joy today,


  1. I received Happy Mail today too! I beautiful and precious ornament from a friend in Arizona. Might you know her? Wink Wink! Thank you friend. You blessed in unbelievable ways with that treasure!

  2. 3 wonderful things, for sure!

    Christmas hugs,

  3. Very cute Cindy; red is my favorite color!


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