Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Don't Want to Scare You But....

Christmas is only 4 months away!!!

What happened to the year?
I remember these photos from this post last year
I had intended to go through all of my
Christmas decorations and only keep the best

 It was less than 2 weeks later that my
Sweet and precious hubby went to heaven

I'm not sure about the decorations for this year
Since  (in my months of numbness after his passing)
I decided to throw much of what I had away
I'm not even sure if I kept any lights

Maybe that is just as well
Time to start some new traditions

Have you done any shopping yet?
I have noticed that all of the 'hobby' stores
Are in full swing for the holidays

I'm sure I'll be spending some time here,
here and here 
and maybe even here 
(because they always have cool stuff at great prices)

Above all else
I will be spending lots of time here
Without it
There would be No Christmas
No Peace for today and
No Hope for tomorrow

Considering Christmas With Bittersweet Memories,


  1. Oh my word! Cannot believe it. No I have not thought the first thing about it. Maybe if I don't, it will not happen?????

  2. Awesome post, Cindy!

    Know what you mean in all those words. The end was such a inspiration.

    As with you - Considering Christmas With Bittersweet Memories,



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