Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Estate Part 1

Truth be told
I am very aware that this is a subject
That None of us wants to discuss

Yet, as I continue to walk through
The recent loss of my husband
I have found it more and more
Comforting to have taken the time
To have this discussion
And make plans for our future

Over the next several weeks
I would like to take you through a few
Decision making 'helps'
Which hubby and I used years ago
That have made this Huge transition
In my life
Much simpler

I encourage you to put your discomfort
Regarding this subject aside
And venture with me
Over the next few weeks

Homework for this week:
TeeHee :)

Write down every single financial account that you have
Individual or Joint

In Part 2
We will discover what information is important
To have at your fingertips
If the need ever arises

Also, on a side note
Thank you to those who commented on my last post
The letter has been written, prayed over
And is ready to mail :)

Considering Estate Planning,


  1. You are soooo on track, Cindy. This is a crucial discussion to have...and not just once. It requires a revisiting every few years. Blessings to you for doing this.

  2. this is good stuff :) thanks for sharing!!

  3. This is something we must deal with. Thank you, in advance, for tips along these lines. Small steps are better than no steps.



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