Sunday, August 14, 2011

Attempting to Settle In

Hi Friends

I thought I would share
Just a few more photos
From my recent trip to California

Son #1 met his birth sister in 2005
She has become such a part of our family
It was so wonderful for her and her family
To meet us at my MIL house
For Mark's Memorial

 We spent a little time at Twin Lakes
One of hubby's favorite places
There were deer everywhere
These two were just having a little lunch
Down by the lake

 Here I am with all my granddaughters
They are so very silly
But I love them all

And Great Grandma
Who got to meet the youngest
       3 girls for the 1st time

This is Son #1
His birth Sister
And all of their girls

Son #2 with his little dog Sam
They are such great travelers

Now that the above mentioned trip is over
I am attempting to settle in
To this new life without Mark

There are great days
And very difficult days
Yet, each day I feel the presence and peace of the Lord

Thank you for sharing these last 7 months
With our family
As we have walked through
The worst season of our lives
We are stronger because of your prayers!

Considering It All Joy,

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  1. What great pics of your family! Blessings to you. Stop by over at my place today and consider jumping in and offering your story.


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