Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The one where she doesn't share her heart....

Marks the 8 month point
Since my hubby went to see Jesus

But instead of sharing my broken heart with you
I chose to do a little project

I got some 'Happy' mail today
These cool can organizers
So I went to work on my less than organized pantry
(oh how I wish it were larger)

 I have become a bit lazy in my caretaking responsibilities
Over the past 8 months
My cupboards have become quite a sight

At least now
I know what I have and what I need

I got some other happy mail today as well
See that cute lookin' chic sitting on the stairs ----->
She leads you to my 365 blog
Check out what else I got today :)

I think I'll just spend some time
Thinking about how much I miss my Mark

Considering 8 Months a Long Time


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