Monday, August 22, 2011

The Estate Part II

Welcome to The Estate Part II
Planning for the future nobody wants to acknowledge

Tonight I will share some MUSTS
That cost little or no money
However must be a part of your plan

But first I will recommend that you do make one purchase
Purchase a decent sized
Fire Proof, Combination Lock Safe
This is where you will keep all of the important
Papers which will become your Estate Plan

Now, on to the MUSTS

You can purchase will kits at places like Barnes and Noble or on-line,
you can also prepare a simple will on sites such as Legal Zoom
Everything you own needs to be addressed in a will of some sort

Here are some of the items/accounts you need to address

Autos/Recreational Vehicles
Checking Accounts
Saving Accounts
Money Market Accounts
Mutual Funds
401k, 403b, Investment Accounts
Income Property
Personal Belongings (especially those with a higher dollar value)

It is best if you have all important information related to each item
Name, Address, Phone number of Bank or Financial Institution
Account Numbers
Beneficiary Information
If everything is not going directly to the spouse
Have a list of specific items that are to be given to whom

Please make sure your parents and grown children have wills
It's a tough talk
Yet, it will save lots of hassle down the road

Answer the Question:
Who is going to care for our children
Should we both pass away???


Another MUST
Is having power of attorney for each spouse

It is important to have both
Medical and Financial Power of Attorney
There are many occasions where these
Need to be in place even if someone has not passed away

If a spouse or parent become unable to make decisions
For any of a number of reasons
You may have to make some tough decisions in their place
Please take care of this Before it is needed

I believe I have given you enough information for tonight
I will be back next Monday with more including:
What important papers you Must have copies of and
Trusts and how to fund them

You are welcome to contact me if you have questions:)

Considering This Important For All of Us,

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  1. We all MUST, MUST, MUST do these things.

  2. We had all of these things in place when James died. I know it would have been a nightmare if we hadn't, but on another level... Loss is so difficult.

    You're in my prayers, sweet Cindy. Daily.


  3. Wealthy bits of info, Cindy. Have mercy, we'd better get busy. Thank you for the prompt.



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