Monday, August 15, 2011

Tonight...I have a question

Short post tonight!

Just a question that I am seeking some answers to!

I have an acquaintance whom I have known for about 3 years.

Recently she did a job for me which I paid for.

I am extremely disappointed with the results.


How do I tell her?

I do not want to hurt her feelings yet I am very discouraged that I cannot use the final product.

I don't think she ever reads my blog but I would rather not mention what project she did for me here.

What would you do???

Really!  I want to be extra kind but I'm frustrated at the unprofessional results!

Thanks so much, Cindy


  1. Well...that's a toughy.

    Think of it this way...if you did a shotty job of something but thought you did just fine, wouldn't you rather a loving friend break the news than hear from an irrate customer with no friendly feelings?

    I know I would.

  2. I know this is a tough call, but you paid hard earned money for a job that you expected to be done well and right. If you believed when you hired her that she was capable of 'well and right', then my thoughts are that you owe it to her to let her know the results are not what you paid for. It is a great opportunity for you to 'tell the truth in LOVE' and for her to get feedback and hopefully improve her work.

    Think about it this way.....Jesus always told His best friends (the 12 apostles) when they had not done something right. He was growing them to be leaders in the church, even through the constructive criticism.

  3. HI there, I agree with the two comments can gently tell her you were disappointed in the results. She may get upset or hurt but I'm sure when she calms down she will be thankful. It is better to let her know than never ask her to do another job again.


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