Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What are Your Thoughts?

Have you seen any of the newest
Reality TV shows
About Kids

In this program
The mom's are a horrible example
Of proper relationship building

Would you do that to your child
Or grandchild just so they can win a crown?

This is very similar to Toddlers and Tiaras
The parents are rude
And again disgraceful
Examples of how to build relationships
And teach your children respect

Would you spend $32,000.00
On your child's birthday party?

I've popped in to a few of these
Shows recently
And I must say
I am shocked at how parents act
What they are willing to spend
And What they Say in front of their children

I definitely will NOT be
Allowing my granddaughter's to
Watch any of these programs

Of course,
These are just my opinions

What about you?
Am I the only ogre in the community?

Considering Some Reality TV
Not the kind of Reality
I want my family to Live,


  1. I just read through your blog and I am so sorry for your loss. Stumbling through the days trying to make sense of it all alone has to be the hardest. I hope that you find the strength to continue one.

    As far as your post....those shows must be hideous and I am so glad I don't have cable to see them. How heart breaking.

  2. The extent of my TV watching is FOX news and HGTV. No reality TV for me.


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