Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Totally Girlie Info....

I came home from work
Rather Tired

I ordered Pizza and Wings
For my son
And sat down to just catch my breath

I realized that this was the only
Night I would be home all week
So I decided to
Pamper Myself
Just a Little

If I could and money was NO object
I'd go have a pedicure
Every Week

But I can't
And it's not

 I retrieved my set of tools
And nestled my feet
In a foot bowl of
Hot, soapy, scented water

These are a few of
My Favorite tools

As well as theses

Of course NO pedicure would be complete
Without Glass Files

(If you have never used glass files)
You MUST go shopping!!!

Just don't let your kids play with them
Because (as you can see)
They break if they drop

Gave myself a nice pedicure
(NO foot pictures PLEASE)
And now I am going to just relax

Considering Something A Bit Girlie With Joy,


  1. Love me a pedi. Love it. I am totally impressed at the professional nature of your tools. Girl, you have all the tools to be a top notch pedicurist.

  2. My feet are my worst feature! lol! I've never had a professional pedicure. Love that you pampered yourself...

  3. I love to go for pedicures, but sure dread giving myself one. But...I always love the feeling of fresh toes when I'm finished.



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