Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Filling The Voids...NOT!!!

It was a busy weekend

Friday night I went with some friends from church
To 'Faith and Family Night'
At Chase Field

We took in a Diamond Back's Game

 D~Backs Won 5/0

There was a great fireworks show

The night ended with a
Toby Mac Concert

 After a full day of work
Getting home at 11:45 pm
Was a bit late but I had a great time

Saturday was also busy
With a party for my youngest Granddaughter's
1st Birthday
I took 156 photos and will
Share a few of them on Tuesday
Which is her actual Birth Date

Saturday evening I met a couple for
Frozen Yogurt at Orange Leaf
I can't believe we talked over yogurt
for 2 1/2 hours :)

Sunday morning was filled with
An Awesome Worship Service
And then home to babysit
This sweet cutie

The kids stayed for a few hours
Had lunch and just relaxed a bit

I spent the next few hours
Cleaing up around the ol' place
And now a little while on this computer
Before I absolutely Crash!!

It was an absolutely 'filled' weekend
With wonderful friends and family
Yet at the end of the day
My heart is ever so lonely
And longs to be filled

Nothing can fill the void left by the loss of Mark
Nothing except for allowing the Lord into the quiet places
Allowing Him to be my husband
And friends...
To be totally honest
I'm not exactly sure how to do that
And it's a scary place for this woman to go

Considering Tonight,

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  1. Bless you, Cindy. I pray God will make His presence very real to you in those lonely hours.


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