Monday, February 10, 2014

Who doesn't love a Dog

Mom and I decided to take a 2 night break
From the Olympics

Growing up our family raised show dogs
My parents were known as 
Owner, Breeder, Handlers
Also, my mom was a dog groomer
And eventually opened a pet shop
The Westminster Dog Show
Was a huge event that we watched every year

Mom and I have tried to watch it ever since

Tonight and Tomorrow

Yes, The Show is on LIVE
CNBC - Tonight
USA - Tuesday Night

Tonight are the following groups

Tuesday night are the following groups

We will be especially watching the Sporting Group tomorrow

We raised and showed
English Springer Spaniels

We had Many of them
I just love their sweet faces
The above photos are not our dogs
I wasn't able to dig into my mom's pictures
On such short notice
But most of ours were liver and white
We did have one black and white

We did have one English Cocker Spaniel
However, the Springers were a bit more docile

Love Doggies
I only have one now
And he's a little mutt but Very Loved

How about you
Have you ever watched or been to a dog show
Do you like dogs


  1. I have never watched a dog show other than the film Best in Show, but I got a kick out of the showing of dogs in the movie.

    I love spaniels. We have an 8 month old goldendoodle who keeps us on our toes. Actually, I was a little worried today when I brought my husband home from surgery because Lulu jumps on Steve, but she seemed to know that she needed to be a good girl today and has not bothered him at all.

  2. Hi again, I love Springers! My girlfriends brother raises and shows them-so I know the personalities. I even went down to help whelp a litter about 5 yrs ago. I will say that they are too much for me to handle at this season and also hubby can't stand dog hair-which is why we have our Bichon.
    Got to check out your other labels now.
    Hugs, Noreen


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