Thursday, February 27, 2014

Changing a Light Switch

I needed to change out a light switch
Instead of spending $$$ for an electrician
I decided to try it myself

I checked out a video on YouTube
And started in


Something we did after we moved into our home
Was to label all of the external circuit breakers
It sure does help when you need to fix something electrical

It seemed the 1st switch on the left was not working
I haven't had a front porch light for several months
And it really bothers me when I get a late night knock on the door

AFTER I had turned off the breaker
I took the switch out of the wall
And detached the wires
I needed to cut them because the were too tight into the switch
I also needed to strip a small amount of the wire cover off
Because there was not enough wire to wrap around the new switch screw

Once the wire was prepped
I twisted each piece around the screws and tightened with a screwdriver
Most homes are wired with 2 black power wires
Some have a green ground wire
But ours is grounded behind the switches so I didn't need to use a ground wire

I placed the switch back in it's new home
And just screwed it back in
Voila, complete

Always turn off any circuit breaker before
Attempting Any type of electrical work

That's what I did with my Thursday Afternoon
What did you do today?


  1. Way to go Cindy! I am proud of you. Here I thought I was doing good replacing 9 light bulbs in 5 ceiling fixtures. You have me beat by a mile.

    Yes, always make sure the electricity is turned OFF.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Great job Cindy!!! You should treat yourself to something special for saving those $$!!! ;)

  3. Bravo! You're a good inspiration for just plowing in and finding out how to do it. You have my admiration! SO nice that you stopped by!

  4. Oh, Cindy, I am more than impressed!! I know it just must be a sorrowful time when you have to do things such as that, but your Hubby would be so, so proud of you.

    I always enjoy your sweet comments on my blog and so appreciate your stopping by from time to time.

    You are a real inspiration and I pray God's richest blessings over you. Happy weekend!

  5. Wow, I'm impressed! You go, girl! :)

  6. You are a brave girl. I have been knocked on my butt twice by DIY with electric. I am not so brave
    Anyway~thank you for finding me and leaving me a comment today. I backlinked to find you and I am your newest follower. I'll stick you on my sidebar right away. xo Diana

  7. I am impressed!

    We don't need to replace anything right now, but there is a YouTube video for just about everything today.

  8. Yay for you! That's great that you tackled it yourself and YouTube is such a great resource for just about anything!


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