Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Pillows????

I have kept myself busy this weekend with small tasks
The front closet had become a catch all
So I wanted to clean it out a bit

As you can see it was rather messy
Winter throws and Christmas wrap
Had all been tossed in

I took everything out to vacuum
And then tossed a few things out for the donation load
I still have too many throws 
But for some reason it is hard to get rid of them
I think I am a linen hoarder
At least the closet is clean and tidy

I made a trip to Costco 
To pick up a few necessities
AND to help prepare for doing my taxes 

When my youngest son saw the pillows
His first words were:
"Those aren't for your bedroom are they?"

I have NO idea Why he would say that

Oh, maybe it's because I already have 8 pillows on my bed
And 2 more in the closet!

Nope, they are for the living room
I had zero pillows in there
Now I have 2

Yep, I think she is a linen hoarder for sure :)

Do you have any 'collections'?


  1. Hi Cindy, It is amazing how easily thing gather in our homes! I have made two trips to the thrift store and have another load to be picked up. Hope you are having a great day so far.

  2. I think you are in good company, Cindy, with the pillows. Men (or boys in general) just don't get the pillow-thing. I do have quite a few pillows around our home, but I make most of them in the form of a pillow cover so I can change and storing the ones not in use is a lot easier. I discovered that IKEA has great feather 20"x20" pillow forms (they are only about $7) and have been slowly replacing all my regular forms with those. I like that the feather forms are floppy and look casual. My other "collection" would be table linens & kitchen towels -- I have the hardest time passing those up! Oh, I really like all the red you have going on in your bedroom!


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