Monday, February 17, 2014

After Work I...

Hi Friends,

Widowhood and learning to embrace it
Lends itself nicely to the need to do tasks after work

There are times when I just am unable to
Achieve completion of necessary tasks during the weekend
So, without further chit chat
Here is what I was able to do after work tonight

My kitchen light has been on the frits for about a month
Not so wonderful for evening cooking and clean up
I decided it was time to change a few light bulbs
Once I had removed the globe
I realized that it had these silly new fangled bulb thingy's

After work
I will be heading to The Home Depot
To purchase several more of these 
Since I had none to replace the burnt out ones

With that task incomplete
I decided to iron and hang the new curtains I purchased for my home office

As some of you may recall
When I redid my office a few weeks ago
I re~hung my old curtains 
(actually folded shower curtains)
And I received some much needed feedback
Regarding replacing said curtains

This past weekend I found something I may actually 
Enjoy living with for awhile

I will need to fluff and play with them for a day or two
In order to get the ties/bows even and the folds smoothed out
But I really do Love the new fresh clean look

One of the things I have been attempting to do
Since my husband passed
Is to add little touches of girlie to my decor
I really like the bows on these new curtains
What do you think?

My mom is still with me for about another week or so
I'm trying to cook nice meals for her
So tonight I made Parmesan chicken cutlets
I put them on the BBQ

This was mom's plate
She didn't even want to start with one piece of chicken
She had 2 and ate every bite :)

Now, I am sitting in my favorite chair
Blogging and watching the Olympics

What did you do after work today?
Or, what did you do for fun today?


  1. Cindy ~ I need to replace light bulbs in three ceiling fixtures. I keep procrastinating as I've got to get the ladder in here to do it. I know though that I'll feel so much better with that little job done, and have 'light' shed into my little cottage.

    Your new curtains make a wonderful difference in your home office. They brighten up the space.

    Those chicken cutlets look wonderful.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. I am so excited for you about the new drapes! They are so pretty, and that room should be all about you and the things that add brightness, joy, happiness and put a smile on your face.

    Even though I am retired, I still keep to a schedule -- I feel it is even more important after you retire, because I think the general tendency is to just wile away the hours thinking you have all the time in the world then feel guilty for wasting time. Kind of a vicious circle. I am flexible about what I do so as not to be! I always keep projects to work on while hubby and I enjoy TV at night. Right now, I'm crocheting. I've been learning how to do that online and really like keeping my hands busy in the evenings so they are not putting things in my mouth!

  3. Dear Cindy, I love your new curtains and say job well done on replacing light bulbs. I guess since I am somewhat new following you-somehow I didn't realize your hubby had passed. I just want to reach through the computer and hug you. So many adjustments and new tasks for you to learn. I can't imagine. So glad your mom is there for a visit. Sending lots of love to you today!
    Hugs, Noreen


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