Monday, February 3, 2014

A Few More Adjustments

Hi Friends

You may remember I shared this photo a few days ago
I had cleaned out my coat closet
And have an abundance of blankets and throws
See them piled at the bottom of the closet

I have been wanting to purchase
An old wooden ladder to layer the throws on
But have been unable to find one

On my way home from work today
I decided to stop at one of my favorite places

(side note)
I love shopping at Hobby Lobby
The music is calming and relaxing
Great after a long work day
I appreciate that it is a Christian owned company
And they are closed on Sunday's
So that their employee's can spend time with their families
And attend corporate worship services if they choose to

I was thrilled when I found this beauty 
In the 50% off Clearance aisle

It may not be an old wooden ladder
However it is perfect for what I wanted it for
And it there will be NO splinters

I may change up the throws that I put on it
But I am SO happy with the purchase
And, I had been carrying some $$ that I had received
As a gift last summer
So I didn't blow my budget

I shared the above photo
When I cleaned out my office a couple weeks ago
I mentioned that it needed more decor or something

Today I found a nice piece that I truly love
Plus it is the perfect colors

Here is the same spot today
The large key and the doorknob hanger
Are actually the same color
Although it doesn't look like it here
I'm still not super happy with the look
I like each of the pieces
But it just isn't giving me the right feeling

I'm just not great at putting it all together
Anybody out there have suggestions

I'll be waiting for your tips
Have a super week


  1. Humble suggestions - center the table so that the grouping is even on each side of it. Raise the light framed picture to be even with the clock. You have two pieces on the table and four on the wall for a total of six - best to go with odds 3,5,7, etc. So either remove something or add something small to the wall or table. Just some thoughts! Love all the pieces together though! You have a good eye!

  2. His Sparrow gave good suggestions for your arrangement. Which made me look at an arrangement I have that I need to tweak. :-)

    By the way, I liked your pillow post.
    What a great deal on the ladder for displaying your blankets too.

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I agree with some of the things His Sparrow suggested. Here is what I would probably do -- raise the message board or lower the clock and create more of a visual square/rectangle with your wall items and the table. I think I would consider putting the photo with the ribbon into a frame (if possible) & move it to be centered under the message board. I would probably remove the butterfly piece (too many square things) & add a couple of different height candles to add more texture & curves to soften the look. Sometimes you just have to play around a little bit & have fun with it!

  4. I have no decorating sense at all. I am a friend of Fae's. I am gonna follow your blog.

  5. Hi there Cindy, I love what you've done-especially love your clock and need to find one like that. I agree with His Sparrow, if I was to take anything down, it would be your jewelry shelf/hanger. Also, centering the table would make it more balanced.

  6. I love the way you displayed your blankets.

    I would love to have a ladder on display somewhere in our house, but I just don't have the space.


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