Sunday, June 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge (6/5/11)

The challenge set for us today was

To photograph something from a high angle

I had several ideas

Like getting up on the roof and photographing my pool

or something similar

Yet I had something a bit more challenging

pressing on me from the top of my priority list

So friends

Today I did this:

Still not sure what I did?

I replaced the water/coolant overflow

tank in my car

It was actually replaced recently but

for some reason it decided it wanted to

spring a huge leak in the seam

So today when I returned from church

My garage floor became soaked

and my car was making All kinds of scary noises

I decided

(since my brother had already purchased the part)

that it was definitely the day to replace it

Not only have I learned how to

Now I can replace a busted overflow tank

My oldest son stopped by with a couple of friends

I cannot repeat what he said but

I think he was impressed with his mom's

newly acquired abilities

Considering This Challenge With Joy,



  1. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! is what he meant to say I'm sure!!!

    AND YOU ARE!!!

  2. I'm impressed as well. Before long, you'll be running ads in the local newspaper! You have such a teachable and willing heart.



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