Saturday, June 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge (6/25/11)

Today's Photo

"Something Pink"

I actually have many things around
This house that are pink
Having two little granddaughters

However, As I looked around
I knew what I would photograph tonight

This is a bracelet that I received a
Couple of years ago
When a blog friend was diagnosed
With Breast Cancer
Her daughter made many of
These for friends all around the country
I keep mine on my desk
It reminds me to pray for many of
My real life friends
As well as blog friends 
Who have had or are facing  
Some form of Cancer

Kimberly - no blog
Sarah - Angie's SIL
Karrie - no blog

If I forgot your name
Please let me know
And I will add you to
My prayer list

I pray for each of you and your families

And I continue to lift up the families
Who have lost a loved one to Cancer
in the past few years
You are always in my prayers

Considering Pink,

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  1. Love the bracelet! I'm praying for a fellow blogger, a young mother who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 3 months ago.
    Name is Vicki.


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