Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winner Update: 30 Day Challenge (6/8/11)

Check out the comments:)

I think Gretchen knows me pretty well

But most everybody could have been correct on a different day

I suppose I have Way Too many bad habits

That you all know about:)

Thanks for playing

I'll have today's challenge photo up tonight!!

Have a Super Thursday!

I just walked in the door from an extremely LONG day
I don't much feel like fussing with photos etc still have time to keep guessing
But only until morning!
Some of you will definitely be IN the drawing
Looks like you know me Pretty Well:)

Today's Challenge is to photograph a bad habit ~ HaHaHa
Anyway, I am leaving the house now to purchase my bad habit
However, since I won't be back home until about 9PM
You are just going to have to wait to see what it is!
Let's do a giveaway ...
Leave a comment on this blog today
Try to guess what my bad habit is
All correct answers will be entered in a drawing
1 correct answer will win a gift!

Start Guessing and I'll be back tonight!!

Considering My Bad Habit:)


  1. Hmm ... Starbucks? Whatever it is I hope you enjoyed it!!

  2. Something high in calories like ice cream.


  3. Excedrin and sprite (and maybe a bag of Lays potato chips) LOL!!!

  4. A new pair of shoes? Hi, Cindy! Just thinking of you today. Sending you hugs and prayers.

  5. Donut And sprite! Mj


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