Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge (6/30/11)

Here we are
At the end of the

I'm glad I started
And completed the
Entire Challenge

I took and posted
Photos everyday
And in the process
Learned more about
My Camera

I accomplished a task
Which has been very
Difficult these past
Couple of months

Today's Challenge

You know how I
Dislike those
But tonight
You get the real, raw me

No make~up
No hair color
No editing
Just a 52 year old woman
Who has endured life
And is learning how
To LIVE in this new Season

This is what
Growing up on the beach
Will do to your skin

It is also what
The loss of your spouse
Will do as well

This challenge has been fun
But I am looking forward
To moving in a new direction
With my life, camera and blog:)

Tonight I'm
Rest and Maybe a Face~Lift :)


  1. You have done an incredible job with the 30 Day Challenge and I've enjoyed all your posts.


  2. this looks like a great series. I need to learn more about my camera as well.

    PS Don't be so hard on yourself, you look great!

  3. Great job!! I was going to say that your skin looks great and you have so few wrinkles!! Looking good for 52!!!

    Happy 4th!! Connie


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