Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Boy '26'

Where do the years go?

It seems only yesterday when the phone call came
Asking if daddy and I would take you into our home
Even at 4 months old
You were so tiny and fragile
Look at what a handsome and strong young man
You have become

Doctors and Social workers
Didn't give us such a great prognosis
Of what your life would hold
If anything at all

But somehow we knew in our hearts
That you were destine
To be our son #2
And I am so thankful we said yes

We faced unknown challenges
In those days
And spent Many sleepless nights
But never regretted for a moment
Our choice

When I think back on the years
I can't help but silently cry
As my heart is filled with gratitude
For what I have learned
Because of you

I could fill pages of books
Complimenting your character
Telling stories of God's goodness
And sharing trials we have overcome

But tonight
I just want to thank you
For being my Hero
In the past 6 months

It has been a terrible blow
To whom we are as a family
To lose your daddy
And try to find our way without him

You have been strong
You are brave
You have stepped up to the plate
And become the 'man' of our household

You have watched your mommy cry
And held me when I was weak
You have picked up the slack
When I just can't seem to get through a day

You will never truly know
How much I love you
And how proud I am of you
Your daddy would be as well

You are my Hero

Happy Birthday Young Man
Life with You
Has been Blessed


  1. Beautiful Cindy! He is a lucky young man to have such a wonderful mother!

  2. What a beautifully written note of love to your handsome hero!

    I hope his birthday was special.



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