Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thrifty Find

Because I found something really neat
for REALLY cheap
I thought I'd link up to my friend Rhoda

Since my hubby passed away on Christmas Eve
I have been Very careful about how much money I spend
A lot less income with the same amount of expenses
Doesn't leave much to 'play' with

I have been looking for a baker's rack or
Something similar for my back patio
Just to spruce it up a little

In Phoenix we are 'over' the yard sale season
Due to the heat BUT
I happen see 1 sign the other day
And my eyes went straight to this piece

I think they must have wanted to be DONE
With the sale because
I picked up this 'diamond in the rough'
for $2.00

Yes, $2

Now, I will get to clean it,
paint it, and pretty it up

I'm so happy to have found such a Thrifty Treasure!
Until Next Time

Happy Thrifting,


  1. $2.00 is a great deal for this piece. You are going to have fun fixing it up and then decorating it!

  2. $2.00??? Seriously?! Girlfriend you really scored.



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