Thursday, December 31, 2015

Birthdays, New Year, and Letting Go

Hello Sweet Blog Friends
Can you believe that it is time
To Celebrate A New Year
And New Beginnings
Isn't the saying true:
The older I get
The faster time goes by
Today would have been my hubby's
66th birthday
He has now celebrated 5 birthday's in heaven
(if they do that there)
But mostly
I have remembered him
For 5 birthday's here on earth
This year
My heart is ready to let go
Not of the precious memories that we created together
But of the 'holding on'
J. C. Watts once said:
"It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on,
It takes a lot of strength to let go".
I believe that is very true
As I have prayed my way through
The past 5 years
And especially this past Christmas season
My heart has been strengthened
And is ready to 'Let Go'
My dear Mark,
I will always carry the precious memories
Of your smiling face, your silly grin
And your quiet voice
The 30 plus years God blessed us with
Are treasured and tucked away
In the depths of my heart
The tender moments
The crazy adventures
And even the silly disagreements
Our secrets are held together by God's love
Our hopes and dreams for the future
Securely locked in His Plans
You my Love
Will never be forgotten
But it's time to let go of the
Pain and Grief that have held captive my
Earthly future
The plans I know God still holds for me to take
You my Love
Are safely in your eternity
And now it is time for me
To live out God's plan
I have no clear view of this road ahead
I know that I have challenges to face
But I also know
I do not walk this journey alone
"The Lord has gone before me
And He will be my read guard".
Isaiah 52:12
I trust in Him
Happy Birthday My Love
Happy New Year to You
My Sweet Blog Friends
I'm letting go
I'm trusting God
I cannot wait to see
What HE has planned
Prayers to you All
For a Wonderfully Blessed
Creative, Healthy and Happy 2016


  1. I hope that new beginnings bless you in the new year. Hugs

  2. Dear Cindy ~ I pray that you will be greatly blessed in 2016.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Cindy - Blessings to you in 2016.



  4. SO happy for you! A New Year with many wonderful blessings to come!

  5. 1 Corinthians 2:9 - but just as it is written, “THINGS WHICH EYE HAS NOT SEEN AND EAR HAS NOT HEARD, AND WHICH HAVE NOT ENTERED THE HEART OF MAN, ALL THAT GOD HAS PREPARED FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM.” I believe that the future that He holds in his hands will be released for you now that you are ready. Brace yourself; it's gonna be a great ride. :-) God bless you.

  6. Good blessings to you, Cindy, in 2016!

    Warm hugs,

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  8. Love this tender post! xoxo MJ

  9. It has been 3 years since I lost my husband, and his memories with me are so dear. I know he is free of the pain he suffered from his sciatica, scoliosis, and degenerative disk disease, as well as the diabetic problems which took his feet almost entirely due to infections and the surgeries. And the frontal lobe dementia which changed him so the last 6 years of his life is gone and he is renewed. I had many wonderful years as well as you did. We both were blessed with those years. I praise yu for your strength and hope wonderful things are given to you by God.
    Bless your beginnings.

  10. Blessings to you Cindy. May 2016 be a good year for you to find strength and new beginnings.

  11. Bless your heart and without God how could we bare all this earthly pain?
    It sure gives us hope knowing all will be good in the end of our lives if we know and serve the Lord.
    I have realized lots us us suffer losing our loved ones some have hope of seeing them again others don't.Thank God I have the hope and promise of seeing my family again

  12. Dear Cindy, what a beautiful post filled with hope and promise for the new year. You are so right and when letting go in so hard to do, it is a comfort to know that our Lord is with us every step of the way. HE knows are needs more then we do and what a blessing to lean upon his grace.

    Wishing you and your dear family a beautiful new year filled with much joy. Prayer continue for you and sending big hugs your way.

  13. Cindy, you are a strong woman. I admire your fortitude...if that's the right word. ♥

  14. This must have been such a hard post to write. I know there comes a time to live and let go and when the time is right that is what we have to do. You and your faith are so strong that I have no doubts that you will make the transition..Have a wonderful new year my friend..Judy

  15. I read this a few days ago and didn't know quite what to say.. my heart just goes out to you sweet lady! I hope this upcoming year is wonderful and that God gives you the desires of your heart. Blessings and Hugs to you!

  16. Oh good for you girl! I think it would be very difficult to let go. I can only imagine what you have dealt with the last 5 years. But, you girl are strong and I think that letting go will bring you great happiness! Of course, never let go of the memories.

  17. Oh Cindy,
    What a touching post. I agree with J.C. Watts, it is harder to let go than to hold on...My heart is sad for you, for your great loss but it is also happy knowing you are ready to let go of the sadness and pain. Wishing and praying you have a wonderful New Year. I know that whatever our Lord has planned for you will be great. Thank you so much for sharing and for stopping by for a visit. Cheers to the New Year.


  18. Oh Cindy, how this post touched my heart. I would have to agree that it takes strength to be able to let go {I will have to remember that quote}.

    You are so courageous, my friend, and I know the Lord will strengthen you as you face each day. Indeed, it's a new year with new beginnings...let the Lord make the most of it for you.

    Thinking of you, dear one. Love and hugs!

  19. I'm sorry I missed this post. It is beautiful! Your memories are forever. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you.

  20. What beautiful thoughts you have expressed here. The photo of the two of you together is just wonderful. There will always be many bittersweet memories for you. I am so glad that it is easier for you to look forward now. Blessings in the New Year! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me some cheer!

  21. A bittersweet post. Bless your heart, Cindy. The journey through grief when we lose our spouse is so very difficult, but God has our healing in His plan and when we entrust it to Him we will in time see beauty come from the ashes. I rejoice that He has brought you to this point and look forward to what He has in store for you in this new year. Hugs and love, Nancy

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  23. This is so beautifully written.
    What a wise woman you are.
    Thank you for blessing us with your plants to let go.
    I feel so humbled and grateful.


  24. Bless you. I can't imagine how hard it must be but this is beautiful. I hope and pray for a blessed 2016 for you.

  25. Such a beautiful post about a difficult time in your life, and I do pray that the Lord continues to bless and help you through this season of your life as well, when it is time to "move on". May the blessings of the Lord be rich in your life today :)


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