Tuesday, December 15, 2015

{14} {15} December Daily ~ Volunteer

Hello Sweet Friends

Another busy week has kept me
Away from my daily post

I have purposed in this season
To stay very busy focusing on others
And keeping my mind from wondering where it doesn't belong

Last night I went to 
The Neighborhood Christian Clinic
With my employer
She has been volunteering there for several years

A few months ago she invited me to go with her
And now I am going to become a full fledged volunteer
I have my application packet
And am ready to be official

It is a wonderful clinic
That sees low income families
For medical and dental needs
We will be going once a month
My employer volunteers her pediatric expertise
I will volunteer with the 
Non clinical aspect of the exam (computer documentation)

I am actually quite excited 
This is my first 'official' volunteer position
And I'm looking forward to it

You can read more about this great place

The days ahead are filled with activity
They are also filled with
Emotional anniversaries and challenging moments

God is faithful, loving 
And very gentle with my fragile heart

Believing He is Revealing
His Presence in These Days




  1. Good for you, Cindy!! What a wonderful thing you are doing...being of service to others!
    I LOVE your necklace. Bottle brush trees are one of my favorites, so that is a treasure to me.
    I trust you are enjoying the holiday season.
    It's been quite hectic here at the lakehouse.
    Blessings, sweet girl.

  2. How exciting for you. I have heard of it. The nativity on the clay is very pretty.
    xoxo Su

  3. You are my hero Cindy. So proud of you to volunteer for such a great place.
    You are truly an angel. I know the clinic will love that you are helping them out.

  4. Cindy, I am so glad that you will be volunteering. It sounds like a really wonderful place and there is nothing more healing than giving your time to others..Merry Christmas my friend..Judy

  5. It will fill your heart with the joy you bring to others. Bless you.

  6. Hi Cindy, Congrats to you for your volunteering direction. You will be a great blessing to so many and be truly blessed in the giving of yourself to help others in the process. Loved your photos and thinking of you this holiday season. Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  7. Cindy, That is so kind of you to help out. I am sure those in need truly do appreciate it. Blessings to all involved. xoxo,Susie


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