Friday, December 4, 2015

{4} December Daily ~ This Drawer

 Hi Sweet Friends,

These days of December are flying by
Although today I have been running
On just 2 1/2 hours sleep
So I do feel a bit draggy

Tonight I thought I'd share some of my
Christmas Jewelry Collection

This collection is very special to me
Not for it's monetary value
But for it's sentimental worth

Many (more than 1/2) of these pieces
Have been gifted to me
In the nearly 5 years since my husband passed away

Two years ago I decided that I needed
To Change my focus and attitude around the Christmas holiday

I set a simple goal of wearing a different piece of 
Christmas Jewelry
Every day from December 1st until the 25th
It was true that I didn't have that many pieces
But all of a sudden
Friends and family members were giving me 
Pieces of Christmas jewelry

Earring, pins, bracelets, and necklaces
Have all been gifted to me
Over the past two seasons
For which I have been truly grateful

This year, as with the past two years
I, once again, am wearing a different piece of
Christmas jewelry each day
Simply to remind myself to be Grateful for the day
And focus on something other than my pain

Today I wore a very special piece
A nativity bracelet that I have had for several years

I collect nativities
I have about 75 of them
And this is one that I treasure

This is another 
Very vintage nativity pin
Love it
Yes, I may have over 75 nativities
But many of them are small (like this piece)

At the moment all of my Christmas jewelry
Fits in one drawer of my jewelry armoire
However, I'm not sure that will be the case
In the years ahead

I'll adjust

Well, that's it for Day 4
I'm hoping to get a better nights sleep
Because I need to be at work at 7:45 am tomorrow

Watch for a Christmas Jewelry
Give~Away in the days ahead!!

Blessed to be a Blessing


  1. There is always room for "just one more" piece!

  2. Beautiful post and beautiful bracelet. Love all your special pieces that you can wear during the month of December. Have a good week end.

  3. What a neat collection! Something to brighten each day and lift your spirits in December.


  4. Cindy love your bracelet and all your Christmas jewelry. So fun to wear through the month. I have many pieces too and enjoy the pop of holiday added to an outfit this month. You have a wonderful collection!! Blessings for a great weekend xo

  5. I remember the Christmas jewelry from last year, and think it is such a sweet idea. It's easy to see why the nativity bracelet is so special.

    Warm hugs,

  6. Cindy, I love all your pretty jewels. My daughter has lots of holiday things too. She's a teacher so you know how that goes. They get lots of Christmas goodies. LOL.. I have watched her unwrap gifts from her class kids and she makes over everything they give her. It just puts such a smile on a kid's face. I always get to attend the class Christmas party...I love it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. My dear Cindy, you have a fabulous collection of Christmas jewelry. The little penguin is just too cute! And your bracelet is stunning.

    Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Sunday. Hugs!

  8. What special treasure! I read somewhere that you should have something on you or close to you to remind you daily that God loves you. What better way than jewelry.

  9. What special treasure! I read somewhere that you should have something on you or close to you to remind you daily that God loves you. What better way than jewelry.

  10. I love Christmas jewelry and enjoy wearing them at this time of the year. Loving your growing collection and your nativity bracelet is sooo pretty :) Hope you are catching up on some sleep :) Happy week ahead! Hugs, Poppy

  11. That's a neat way to find joy in the Christmas season. It keeps each day new too! I love that people have given you special pieces to add to your collection.


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