Sunday, December 20, 2015

{20} December Daily ~ Linens

Hi Sweet Friends
Thank you for taking the time to stop by
I happen to Love linens
Mostly table cloths and quilts
But linens in general
Usually catch my eye
Although I cannot recall where or when
I purchased this piece
It's a four foot square table cloth
In my favorite colors
I don't know how old it is
Or what type of design it is
But I absolutely love it
And it's in the center of my Christmas table
This piece is a lap size quilted piece
It has all of the seams turned out
Which adds a fun texture to the piece
I found this a week ago at an antique mall
For only $15
I'm using it this Christmas season
On the back of my big black chair
I haven't been to Stein Mart in years
As they closed the one near my home
But I happened to see one the other day
So I decided to stop by
They had what was left of their Christmas items on sale
I spied this queen size Christmas quilt
Since it was the only one left in the store
And had to be removed from the bed display
I snatched it up for only $25
I also picked up the only sham they had left
I love that it is reversible with a red/white stripe
So I can use it any time
Not only at Christmas
I've been really under the weather the past few days
I guess it's the Christmas time yuck
I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow
Have a busy schedule
One good thing is that since I didn't really
Go any place this weekend except to work
I was able to get most of my wrapping done
And feel like I'm more ahead of the game (for me)
Rather that behind
I am going to attempt to get by your blog this week
My lap time crashed so I have to do
Everything in my office with my PC
Christmas Eve is nearing
The most difficult day of the year for me
I'm working so hard at focusing on others
Yet, my heart is tugging
May you enjoy all that is Christmas
This year and in the new year to come


  1. Hi Cindy, you found a treasure and at a great price for the Christmas quilt and all the linens are so pretty. Keeping you in prayers and hoping Christmas eve will be less difficult. Sending hugs you way and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year. xo

  2. They are lovely! I love quilts and wouldn't mind having a small lap quilt collection! I understand how you feel. I am missing my husband. We had such great times together and I remember our many Christmases.

  3. Oh, did find pretty linens and LOVE the red & white colors! Great prices too!
    You are also in my prayers and praying that this Christmas will bring you more PEACE & JOY ...

  4. Dear Cindy,I love your linens and quilts! I can't even imagine how hard this time of year would be, but I've got one friend who will be alone this Christmas and another whose hubby only has days left. May our Lord cover you will his peace and grace.
    Sending love your way,

  5. I hope you feel better soon. I had the most awful cold or flu, and it took about two weeks to get better. What is going around is nasty. I love your linens, and your new find. New Steinmart opened and found my tights for little, and a hat for my spouse. xoxo Su

  6. Dearest Cindy ~ I hope you are soon over this bug that you have had.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers most especially these next few days. May you feel the love, peace, joy and strength of Jesus flowing through and surrounding you.

    Love & hugs ~ Rainey

  7. You found some great treasures, old and new! The lap quilt is called a rag quilt, & it is made with exposed seams on the top and finished the traditional way on the back. They are often made with flannels (great for baby quilts) or homespun because these fabrics fray easily. After this type of quilt is sewn, each seam allowance is clipped and then washed and dried to cause the fraying. Now you know more than you probably cared to! That was a great deal on the bed quilt, and even better because it's reversible! The square table cloth is very pretty and looks very European -- maybe Polish or Scandinavian.

    I'm so sorry you are having such a difficult time, Cindy, but I think you are wise to keep yourself busy and surrounded with the people you love and care about. Just know you have lots of people thinking about you and praying for you. I hope 2016 will bring more joy and less pain to your heart.

    Warm hugs & merry wishes for a very Merry Christmas,

  8. Know exactly how you feel Cindy. Trying so hard to be festive and fun but deep down, it hurts so bad.

    Merry Christmas to you dear friend!


  9. Oh I love your stein mart finds, good for you

    I just love Christmas linens also really any kind of pretty red and white linens

    I'm sorry this time of year tugs at your heart and I think lots of us fight off depression this time of year remembering our loved ones who aren't with us anymore.
    I miss my family Christmas's so much

    Thanks for visiting my blog this year

    Merry Christmas' Janice


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