Thursday, December 17, 2015

{17} December Daily ~ Selfless

Hi Sweet Friends

Not me
But my oldest son

The man who sits with his precious family

Twelve years ago today
A kidney
To his adopted father

I've shared the story previously
How he had left home
Never wanting to see us again
So we began to pray

"God whatever it takes"
To help him realize that our family
Is exactly where you planned for him to be 
Three short weeks later
Mark was diagnosed with complete kidney failure
His only hope of survival
A transplant from a perfect match
God had a plan
For 9 months later
Our sons perfectly matched kidney
Was transplanted to Mark
Which gave him
7 years and 7 days of new life
And our son
Well, he heard directly from the Lord
This IS the family I've chosen for you
God heard our prayers
Through trial
He brought our family back together
Never Give Up
And Now




Have a Hero for a Father
Who selflessly saved a life
And gives of himself daily
For his precious girls
Mr. A
Your momma will Always love You
And will Never forget your Gift of Life
And so it is with God
Who selflessly Gave Jesus
His precious Son
For us to have
Life Eternal
If you don't know this Jesus
Please allow me to pray with you
I'd love for you to meet Him


  1. I didn't know this part of your story - so tender and special.

  2. So touching, Cindy. Thank you for sharing this story -- perfect for Christmas. Love the photos of your precious son and his family. Hugs, Nancy

  3. Very heart touching. Made tears well up in my eyes; tears of joy for you all!

  4. Dear Cindy, this just touches my heart. The true meaning of God's direction. Love and family and a moving story of hope and grace.
    Thank you for sharing the perfect Christmas story! Blessings to you always. xo

  5. Cindy, This is a beautiful post. I am so happy your son has a wonderful loving family. May God always bless him . Wishing you God's blessings too, xoxo,Susie

  6. Cindy, your post bless me :) It is so awesome to see how God has blessed you and your family, even through very hard times.
    Merry Christmas,

  7. My heart is so touched whenever I hear this story, Cindy. You and Mark were so fortunate to have adopted this precious baby who is now such a precious son.

    Warm hugs,


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