Thursday, July 18, 2013

{Update} Depression and the Christian

WOW - What a response to some very personal and heart touching questions!

Thank you SO much for your answers to some of life's most difficult and personal questions.

Let me just answer one question for you:  YES! I am Fine!!!  This is really not about me per say, as much as it is about getting answers to some long standing questions I've had but have been unable to get direct answers to from 'the church in general'! 

To be honest, I'm in a really good place and doing quite well despite trials of life. Don't we all have trials of life that temporarily alter our course?

Anyway, I have decided to keep the comment moderation on for a bit longer. I have loved reading your responses but feel most of them are personal and some heart tugging. In respect of personal privacy I will not post any of the comments in their exact form.  However, in a week or so I will pull out some of the most important points that others have made and share them in my own edited form.

Keep the responses coming, you are helping me more than you can imagine!!!

Here's the link to the original post:

Depression and the Christian

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