Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nana's Nugget's {1}

As I begin to weave my way back into blogging
On a regular basis
It is my desire to do so
Three topics have come to mind
They will be the focus of
3 weekly posts
(I Hope)
Nana's Nuggets
These will be quick posts
Featuring a tip, project, outing
or some other helpful hint
To make your time with your
Children or Grand's extra special
I believe in 'Memory Making Moments'
So let's get started
As I have matured
It has become easier to enjoy
Watching kids create
Play Dough
I have many friends who do not allow Play Dough in their homes
Kids can learn so much from this fun and creative 'toy'
This summer, as I have weekly had all 3 granddaughters
The Play Dough has become a regular
It is so much fun to watch them create
And, they love it so much that they can spend 1-2 hours doing so

Here's my little K-Bel making a cake

My K-Bug with her cupcake
Play Dough can be messy
When you watch kids play and create
AND have smiles on their faces
When you acknowledge their creations
What could be Better?
Moms and Grand moms
Relax and Enjoy
Allowing your little ones to Create!!!


  1. Is it weird that I love the smell of Play Doh?

  2. I love to play play dough with my grandchildren. I love to see them create and pretend!


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