Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Depression and the Christian

This may open a proverbial Pandora's box or a whole can of worms but I have a topic I would love to have a conversation about.

Just so you know, I will turn on comment moderator so that you will feel free to leave comments, I will also allow anonymous comments if you are uncomfortable talking about this subject.

I really do have some questions that I am searching for answers to and I would Love your point of view.  For any of the below questions, I would love to have a dialogue regarding specific scriptures that help you come to your own opinion.

So, let's get started:

You may answer any or all of the questions, there is no right or wrong here, it's all about your personal experience and opinion. You will not be judged.

If you do not want your comment shared, please let me know when you comment! I will honor your choice. It is my hearts desire to seek some Godly answers for these questions.


  1. Have you experienced depression or mental health issues yourself, within your family or within your friendship circle?

  2. Do you know someone who has taken their own life due to depression or mental health issues?

  3. What do you think about taking medication for depression or mental healthy issues?

  4. What do you think about taking medication for heart disease, diabetes or any other physical health issues?

  5. Do you believe that someone who ends their own life demonstrates a selfish act? Why or Why not? Scriptural basis?

  6. Have you even looked into the heart of someone suffering from or battling depression or mental health issues?

  7. Do you believe God heals all people with mental health issues? What about physical health issues?

  8. Do you think the 'church' (in general) has the same Biblical stance on mental health as they do regarding physical health?

  9. Do you think mental health issues are real?

  10. Do you think people who have physical health issues, want to have them?

  11. Do you think people who have mental health issues, want to have them? ie: do you believe people who suffer from depression Want to be depressed?

  12. Do you think people who have mental healthy issues 'like' the attention they get from their problem?

Maybe that is enough for tonight :)

I could probably come up with 100 questions but will leave it at 12!

I truly do look forward to reading your thoughts on this controversial subject!!!

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Cindy,
    Have just found your blog. Since my husbands suicide nearly 3 years ago, I am learning about depression/suicide and particularly what the church's stance is. After my husband died, a couple of older christians questioned whether my hubby was a christian because of what he did. For some time, I was confused about this issue, but am convinced now that he is in heaven even though what he did was a sin. There is no sin that is too hard for the Lord to forgive. I believe as with my hubby, I believe many christians don't say they have depression or suicidal thoughts for fear of been looked down upon and judged and shame. At the church I am at now, grief/depression/suicide is now been talked about and the elders/pastors are taking this topic serious. Last Sunday I spoke about my hubby's death and how it has been for me and how the Lord has brought me through. It was the first time I had spoken publically about his death. It was hard and nerve wracking but the Lord gave me strength and I get the feeling it won't be the last time...I said after my hubby's death that I didn't want it to be in vain.


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