Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Observations from the Lounge

It was a 'lounge'
Kind of like the one below
Yet the chairs were full of people
My mind was wondering from thought to thought
As I began to people watch
There was a television on at one end of the room but nobody was watching, really
Most were absorbed in their books, phones or computers
On one end a mom, a daughter and two granddaughters
A 3 week old and 3 year old
Grandma fed the baby, she slept, quiet actually yet,
I wish grandma would have kept the baby at home
so many germs to be shared in such a place
A middle aged couple sat in the center of the room
Never spoke a word to each other the whole time I was there
About 3 hours
I wondered if they every speak
What happens in a relationship to allow a couple
who spend 3 hours together to never say a word
My mind wonders
Several older women scattered throughout the space
Books in hand, reading away
No interaction but why would there
Everybody is in their own world
In comes a mom with a teenaged boy
2 boxes of donuts and coffee
After eating several of the donuts
Boxes now empty
Mom says donuts are to sweet to eat
Yet she ate several while I 'viewed'
She talked more than anyone in the room
I think I may know her life story
And I didn't have to say a word :)
A few older gentleman
Scrolling through cell phones
Waiting somewhat impatiently for their names to be called
I wonder if the semi bald man
Who kept scratching his head
Realized there was blood on his fingers
When he once again scrolled down his phone
I bet he never knew he scratched the scab off his scalp
Or that the possibly sun burnt skin was flaking all over the floor
Another good looking gentleman, my age probably
With his soft sided insulated lunch pack next to him
Sat quietly skimming a book
Enjoying a few snacks and a cup of coffee
I wonder if he noticed that I was looking to see if he was wearing a wedding ring
Darn - he was :)
An unoccupied mind can come up with lots of stories
Hmmm...I should have read my book!!

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  1. People watching makes good literature. Really, people are where I find God the most. Yes, you could have written a chapter on each one of these folks, and we could have all learned something in the process. Keep watching - you never know when God will show up!


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