Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nana's Nuggets {Poolside}

Tonight's Nugget from Nana
Pool Rules
This past weekend we spent plenty of time in the pool
On Saturday I had 20 people at the house
We had at least 12 who got in the pool
In our Phoenix family we have 4 non-swimmers
So you can imagine how much concern
We have when that many kiddos and adults get in the pool

Before anybody was allowed in the pool
We had a family meeting
Every non-swimmer had an adult assigned to them
Each adult stayed with their non-swimmer
We also chose a 'life-guard'
That person sat pool-side and just watched
There was to be no running, diving or jumping from the edge of the pool
Too many kids can lead to potential injuries
If one of the kids thought another kid was having trouble
They were told to yell - 'Baby Down'
At which time ALL would stop and make sure everybody was safe
Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and anybody else with kids and pools:
Please watch your kids around water
Please have 1 adult per each child who does not swim
Please have a 'life-guard' whose job is to just watch all swimmers
Never swim alone - even adults
Always keep your pool gates closed and locked
Keep pool toys OUT of the pool when not in use
(kids love toys and will try to get them if they are in the pool)
Mostly, Enjoy time with your family and friends
Just be watchful
I took this photo after Saturday's pool time
How beautiful is our Creators Painting!!!


  1. Great ideas. And those kids flotation vests are a good idea, too.

  2. Those were great ideas for a fun time in the pool.

    Love your sunset photo, God's painting for all to enjoy.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady


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